Teacher’s Pick (for the iPhone and iPod Touch) and Teacher’s Pick HD (for the iPad) give you the ability to randomly and uniquely choose students without having to rely on memory, cups of craft sticks or flash cards. Just enter a name for each of your classes and then add the students. Both apps keep track of which students are active, inactive (already chosen) or absent and give you options to pick a student from the active group or pick from the full group (active or inactive). At the end of the day or week just touch a button and all of the students are returned to active status.

Both apps let you assign badges to students to track achievements (1 per student for Teacher’s Pick and 3 per student in Teacher’s Pick HD).  Additionally Teacher’s Pick HD lets you create random groupings of students for project groups, field trips, etc.

Teacher's Pick and Teacher’s Pick HD are simple to set up, easy to use and feature attractive interfaces.



Teacher’s Pick and Teacher’s Pick HD are available in Apple's iTunes App Store!


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