Tad of TEL: AERA-2015 final

While the benefits of teacher involvement in designing technology-enhanced learning are acknowledged in the literature, far less is known about shaping that involvement to yield those benefits. Research is needed to understand how teachers learn through design; how teacher design activities may be supported; and how teacher involvement in design impacts the quality of the artifacts created, their implementation, and ultimately, student learning. Existing conceptual foundations for teacher design work are urgently in need of bolstering, and will definitely play a critical role in the future of learning. 

Our structured poster session at the 2015 AERA annual meeting shares the work of a large collaborative team, which, since 2012, has explored divergence and convergence among multiple experiences involving teachers as designers of technology-enhanced learning. The full outcomes of these efforts have recently been published in a special issue of Instructional Science.

Sun, April 19, 8:15 to 9:45pm, Sheraton, Ballroom Level, Sheraton IV

Structure of the poster session (90 min)
· Rationale and background by session chair (15 min)
· Brief poster introductions by lead authors (15 min)
· Concurrent poster interactions (30 min)
· Reflections by discussant (10 min)
· Plenary discussion (20 min)

Organized by:
Yael Kali, University of Haifa, Israel
Susan McKenney, Open University/University of Twente, Netherlands
Ornit Sagy, University of Haifa, Israel
Joke Voogt, University of Amsterdam/Windesheim University, Netherlands 

Alain Breleux, McGill University, Canada
Rebecca Cober & Jim Slotta, University of Toronto, Canada
Bat-Sheva Eylon, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Rebecca Itow, Indiana University, USA
Karen Könings, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Therese Laferrière, Université Laval, Canada
Camillia Matuk, New York University, NY, USA
Marcia C. Linn, University of California Berkeley, USA
Lina Markauskaite, University of Sydney, Australia
Richard Reeve, Queen's University, Canada
Hyo-Jeong So, Pohang University of Science & Technology, South Korea 
Vanessa Svihla, University of New Mexico, USA
Esther Tan, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany

Ornit Sagy,
Apr 19, 2015, 10:14 AM