This Open Educational Resource [OER] is a wiki that has been designed using to support the process of exploring practitioner research as a means for addressing issues and problems of practice that arise in a variety of educational settings. The content largely references Creswell's Research Design, but also includes other resources and learning activities to help cultivate a habit of professional inquiry grounded in research and practice. This OER is appropriate for graduate level MASTERS IN EDUCATION research theses including MASTERS IN EDUCATION VISION FUNCTION & LEARNING (MEdVFL), & MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION (MAE). Please note that this is an evolving resource. Things are tweaked and added as I teach new sections of research courses.


Ken Robinson: Collaboration in the 21st Century [5:59]

Education is a creative endeavour and innovation is an essential component of actively engaging in a knowledge-based economy. In this brief edited video, Ken Robinson, PhD and an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources, talks about making innovation systematic in Education. He definition of creativity, as the process of having original ideas that have value, is based on 3 key terms: a) process; b) originality; and c) value.


The practitioner–scholar model, often called the Vail model, is a training model for graduate programs that is focused on clinical practice. It was developed primarily to train clinical psychologists but has been adapted by other specialty programs such as business, public health, and law. Practitioner–scholar model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


Creswell, J.W. (2014). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, & Mixed Methods Approaches. Edition 4. Sage Publications

An overview of how to develop a plan or proposal for a research study. The first part of the books looks at preliminary considerations such as research approaches, the literature review, thinking about the use of theory, writing strategies and ethical considerations. The remainder outlines the process involved in developing the research design.
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For Teacher Action Research - Kalmbach Phillips, D. & Carr, K. (2010) Becoming A Teacher Through Action Research: Process, Contexts, & Self Study. New York: Routledge
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For assistance with writing a good resources is - Graff, G. &  Birkenstein, C. (2014). They Say, I Say. The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing 3rd ed