About Teachers 4

Teachers 4 is an organisation with an aim to lift children living in the slums of Kenya from their poverty and appalling living conditions through education. The Christian ministry is led by Roxann Klingberg, and is supported by a team of individuals in South Australia.

Where does Teachers 4 operate?

Teachers 4 operates Africa, in the eastern slums of Kenya's capital, Nairobi. Click here to see this on a map.
Nairobi is the 4th largest city in Africa, and is home to an estimated 3.5 million people. It is a major ecomic centre and the biggest hub for business and culture in eastern Africa. However, Nairobi has it's dark side.

Why do these people need help?

"In the grey gloom of first light it looks like a pile of rubbish - a clutter of cardboard and cloth on a damp pavement ... It's 6AM amd 11-year-old Eric Omondi is waking up. He's usually the first. Some of the others have sniffed solvent the night before, to try to take the edge off the cold. Eric doesn't like the solvent - it makes his chest hurt."
  -Andrew Harding, BBC - East Africa correspondent in Nairobi, Kenya

"There are an estimated 199 slums in and around the city. More than 1.6 million people (of the estimated 3.5 million in the city) live in these slums. They are also sometimes referred to as 'informal settlements'."
  -James Mwangi, a Nairobi City Council planner

"Garbage and sewage seem to have a strangely universal stench. ... It's a rotten smell of things dead and finished, unwanted and wasted and unlike any one scent. A compound emission of stench not intended for human senses, much less one's living and working quarters. ... We enter the slum by walking through a large garbage pile ... [we] leap from garbage outcropping to garbage outcropping over a meandering, sewage-filled creek. To cross we must skirt dangeroudly close to the water. As I leap, I hope that my worn shoes don't slip from the garbage and into the muck."
  -Partnering to Transform the Slums of Nairobi, October 2002

"I was born in a slum, I live in a slum, I will probably die in a slum, and if there is a slum in heaven, then I will most likely end up there too."
-Divided City: Information Poverty in Nairobi'sSlums - Rasna Warah, Journalist

The hope of education promises these people a better life and prospects of employment so that they may lift themselves from this poverty with a stable income, decent food and humaine living conditions.

How does Teachers 4 help?

Roxann works alongside the untrained teachers in the existing schools, helping them to further their own education (usually from a primary school standard) and teaching them basic teaching methods. The team works to provide them with essential teaching resources such as simple stationery, books, furniture (such as chairs and tables) and book shelves. They also help to improve the classroom conditions, which are usually nothing more than a rickety little tin shed with a dirt floor, squeezed in amongst the overcrowded slums.

There are also plans to establish a Training Centre/School of Excellence to provide the opportunity for these people to go on to higher education. Teachers 4 is currently working with the community and plans are currently being discussed.
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How can I be part of the solution?
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