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MM II Digital Photography Resources

Why use the Rule of Thirds?

Digital Photography Videos

The Rules of

Top Digital Photography tips Arranging Your Shot.mp4

See Lifehacker article here
See "10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits" here.

Photoshop Tutorial Sites

If you complete a lesson early, please go to one of the following websites and choose a tutorial on which to work. Be careful to choose a tutorial that is on your level—in other words, when we are first starting, look for basic tutorials. Later on, intermediate tutorials may work for you. If you choose something too advanced, it will simply frustrate you.

Keep in mind we are using Photoshop CC--the newest version.

When you finish the tutorial, please save it into your documents folder. These will be used later on in the semester. I would like to see you finish at least 3 tutorials by the end of the semester, so anytime you have a spare moment in class this is what you should be doing.