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Multimedia Instructional Materials

Smartphone Selfie Montage

  • Create a new 16" x 20,"  150 dpi document in Photopea.
  • From Photopea, open all of your selfie images.
  • Choose one front angle shot to form the base for now (this will be hidden later, and your final image should be a bit larger than one selfie)
  • Using the Rectangular Marquee tool, choose a portion of at least 10 of your selfies, then copy and paste those portions onto the base image of the new 16x20 document.
  • Using the move tool, arrange them accordingly (like you saw in the YouTube video)
  • I will show you how to add a drop shadow.
  • Add your name in the lower right-hand corner of the finished image.

The Rules of Composition

For closed captioning, watch on YouTube

Khan Academy: Pixar in a Box
Please use these links in the order they appear.
Animation - Stop after "Save Your Animation"
Simulation - 101 Only
Character Modeling - Modeling with Subdivision Surfaces only
Effects - Introduction to Particle Systems Only

Art History Writing Assignment

Art History Project - Photography

Research the photo and find out what the real story is, and then also research the photographer. Write another page about the real story of the photograph, and give some information about the photographer as well. Listed below are the items that should be included in the paper:

  • The setting of the story—not just the physical location, but the social environment—a description of the time (politically, socially) at which it was taken.
  • Describe the real story that led to the photograph
  • Who was the photographer? What kind of photographer was he/she? Why were they at that place at that time? Give us a little background information about the photographer himself/herself.

This should be in narrative format, not in bullet points.  You need to use complete sentences and paragraphs, and it should be one page in length, just like the first paper. You should add the image again just like the last time. BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES BY INCLUDING ANY WEBSITE ADDRESSES YOU USED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAPER.