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Multimedia Assignment List

Required Assignments to Date - Semester One*
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 Assignment Due Date
Info card8-17-18
IMAGO - Teamwork 8-16-18 
Selfie 8-17-18 
Group Sketch
Spark Presentation  8-27-18 
Internet History Form 8-31-18 
Internet Scavenger Hunt 9-4-18 
Khan Academy-Intro to HTML & CSS9-17-18 
Favorites Web Page in CodePen 9-18-18 
Khan Academy-More HTML Tags, CSS Text Properties (not yet graded...)10-5-18 
HTML/CSS Test 10-12-18 
Typing Test 10-17-18 
Copyright Laws (Worksheet) 11-2-18 
Bullying Journal 11-7-18 
Working with Color 11-8-18 
Create Your Own Logo 11-16-18 
Logo & Business Card 11-16-18 
IMAGO Lesson--Engagement, incl. video summary 11-27-18 
Create your own font, install it, Make Christmas Card 12-5-18 
Hour of Code: Meme 12-6-18

*Last Updated on 12-14-18
Required Assignments to Date - Semester Two*
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 Assignment   Due Date
 Camera Parts1-8-19
 Rules of Composition1-11-19 
 7 Types of Shots Wkst1-15-19 
 Photopea--4 Photos1-25-19 
 Photography Quiz1-24-19
 Photopea--7 Shots1-30-19
 Photo--Create a Story2-7-19 
 Photo--Research real story2-13-19
 Photography: Portrait & Forced Perspective2-13-19
 IMAGO--Lessons 1 & 22-15-19
 Stop Motion Video2-26-29 
 Khan Academy Animation Lessons - last 23-8-19
 IMAGO lessons 3-53-15-19 
 Selfie Collage3-21-19 
 Painting 4-2-19 
 Guitar Heroes Poster (Mirroring Image in PS)4-12-19 
 Egg Heart Video Storyboard (participation)4-25-19 
 Group "How To" Storyboard4-26-19
 "How To" Video5-17-19 

*Last Updated on 5-15-19