Course Description

The Multimedia course is intended to introduce students to the use of computers for the creation of art as it relates to business. In this case, art in business is centered around company identity through logo design, and an introduction to the different sorts of media and programs used to create advertisements in print, online, and in video form. Additionally, basic business skills included are keyboarding review, effective Internet searches, and the use of MS Office for various types of presentations. Students also explore possible careers in related fields.

Course Outline

● Orientation
○ Syllabus
○ Course Overview
● Computer Skills
○ Keyboarding
○ Internet Search
○ Email
○ The different parts of the computer. Keyboard, 
    monitor (touch and non touch screens) and 
● Career Research
○ Jobs in Multimedia
○ Professional Profile Development
○ Personal Finance
○ Professional networking and 
● Elements and Principles of Design
○ Terminology related to the arts
○ Identification of art elements and principles of design
○ Critique Artworks
● Art History Masters
○ Master Artists through the ages
○ New media artists
● Art Expression
○ Text / Display Art
● Art Application
○ Logo / Business Card Design
○ Brochure / Flyer Design
○ Magazine / Newspaper Layout
● Animation/Video
○ Animation software
○ Video Production and software
● Business Technology in Art
○ Web Design
○ Report Writing
○ Presentations
○ Spreadsheets
○ Data Processing