Here at Bullard our Business department is part of a career readiness pathway that also involves other core departments. Teachers work
cooperatively to create cross-curricular projects involving all involved disciplines in order to present more real-world experiences and increase student engagement.

This Business Marketing & Technology pathway consists of three classes: 

1) Multimedia - Peter Chaney
Generally taken during the freshman year, Multimedia teachers are paired with the other subjects areas as students are introduced to Business concepts through the use of photography, videography, graphic design, music, and animation.

2) Design & Marketing - Becky Quiring
Usually taken during the junior year, Design & Marketing explores the role that advertisements play in a marketing plan, and instructs students in the use of various tools used in designing and producing advertisements, such as Adobe's Creative Cloud applications.

3) Marketing, Sales & Service - Peter Chaney
Marketing, Sales & Service marks the completion of the pathway during the senior year. In addition to taking over the daily responsibility of running the Bullard student store including inventory, sales, and using a POS system, they also work as a group on a variety of other real-world business projects. 

Video Production - Becky Quring

While not currently connected to the Business, Marketing & Technology pathway, we also offer Video Production, in which students learn and practice the three parts of producing a film: preproduction, production, and post-production.

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