Here at Bullard our Business department is part of a career readiness pathway that also involves the English and Social Science departments. Teachers work cooperatively to create cross-curricular projects involving all 3 disciplines in order to present more real-world experiences and increase student engagement.

This Marketing, Media Arts & Technology pathway is a new version of an already existing pathway that Bullard has had for awhile, but it has been revamped, and includes more teaching partnerships. The 2016-17 school year will introduce changes to our pathway, including the freshmen level course being changed from Business Technology to "Multimedia." At this level the freshmen Business teachers are paired with the other subjects areas as students are introduced to Business concepts through the use of photography, videography, graphic design, music, and animation.

As the students advance in the pathway, they will have choices in terms of the direction they might like to take. They may choose to pursue the graphic design and videography area by next enrolling in Multimedia II (some of the student projects from this course can be accessed through the links on the right), followed by Video Production (links to those projects can be found linked to the Video Production page). Another choice is to move on to the Marketing class, which features more traditional business planning and entrepreneurship concepts. After that they may take the Small Business Management class, which includes the running of the on-campus student store.

I currently teach the advanced Multimedia courses and Video Production I & II. Those courses are featured on their respective pages in this website. Enjoy!