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 Jeromie Heath is an expert on instilling and igniting the love of learning.  As a National Board Certified Teacher with 16 years of experience, he’s crafted successfully-proven innovative student engagement strategies that he’s developed as he taught in diverse elementary school demographics (including Title 1, High ELL, High Poverty, Advanced Learning, and more).

Jeromie has gained nation-wide attention for doubling his students’ standardized test scores in every school setting he’s been in. After years of highlighting his innovative and successful strategies in newspapers, news reports, tv talk shows, radio, podcasts, and more,  he now shares his highly effective evidence based practices in engaging and informative workshops, trainings, and coaching sessions.



Teachers and participants of this workshop say...

“This was a presentation that gave great ideas that any teacher can and should use.”

“I will definitely be using Jeromie’s ideas. I can’t wait to get back in the classroom and use them!”

“By far the best most current workshop I have attended.”

“Wonderful materials that I an use every year.”

“This guy should be a keynote!”

“Excellent content and strategic use of technology. Moving stories and videos. I cried several times.”

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