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Theatre Arts



Theatre Arts uses a variety of method, to create theatrical works through the use of the creative process for performance, directing, design, construction, choreography, playwriting, scriptwriting, and dramaturgy. Students will create drama and theatre by interpreting and appreciating theatrical works, culture and experience. Students will express drama and theatre art skills in a variety of performance opportunities. The students will demonstrate knowledge of the rehearsal processes and/or production teamwork while validating both as essential to the theatre making process. Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of theatre history, dramatic structure, dramatic literature, elements of style, genre, artistic theory, script analysis, and roles of theatre practitioners through research and application. They will make informed, critical evaluations of theatrical performance, from the point of view of an audience member and a participant, and develop a framework for making informed theatrical choices. Lastly, students will discern and demonstrate appropriate theatre etiquette and content for the audience, self, venue, technician, and performer.

Units of Study