Water, Water Everywhere
Summer Science Workshop for the Bronx Title IIB STEM Grant

But is there enough to drink?

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Workshop Index

Summer Session Water 1 Agenda & Links

Opening: Paperwork, introductions, protocols and objectives
Water Cycle Phase II
Water Distribution (Cup of Macaroni)
Ground Water Discovery
Watershed Imortance:
Hands-on experiments
Threats to Drinking Water
Relfection & Sharing resources

Essential Questions:
Is there enough water for humans?

Today's Activities & Links

My Life as a Drop of Water, Manhattan 2008
Macaroni Mix (excel chart)
Super Saturation
Water Taste Test
Build a Water Filter
Satlwater Tester

Interactive Websites and virtual labs
Soil & Ground Water
Watershed Game
Water Calculators at www.waterfootpring.org  
Detecting Water Pollution