Volcanoes & Video Conferencing
Summer Science Workshop One for the Bronx Title IIB STEM Grant

Volcanoes & Video Conferencing

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Workshop Index

Summer Session 1 Agenda & Links

Opening: Paperwork, introductions, protocols and objectives
Volcanology Basics
Challenger e-Mission materials
Hands-on experiments
Videoconferencing resources
Sharing resources

Today's Activities

Reading activity about 1902 Martinique explosion and volcanoes

nteractive Website on volcanoes

Graph Mt. Penatubo pre-eruption events in Excel

Experiment with baking soda, vinegar and Alka Selzter to create volcanic bursts

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Today's Links

Volcano reading activity available online here

Group online web visit: National Geographic Forces of Nature

Challenger e-Missions at www.e-missions.net. We'll be looking at the T-3 Weeks files and activities in some detail. Read the Mt. Pinatubo case study at http://www.e-missions.net/om/3weeks/mtPinatubo.aspx. Graphing the data is at http://www.e-missions.net/om/3weeks/graphMtPinatubo.aspx. Download the Excel spreadsheet and create a graph.

Wiki Page to download Excel spreadsheet, experiment instructions, and to add your own resources at http://technoed.wikispaces.com