Swinging Pendulums
Science Journey Session Four Spring 2008

Isaac Newton and Laws of Motion

Wikipedia entry on Isaac Newton

Astronaut Drops Feather


Session Four Agenda & Links

Scientific Method: How do we design and conduct an experiment? How does it compare to ESL Reading Strategies? http://go.hrw.com/resources/go_sc/hst/HZ1PE734.PDF

Virtual Lab - Visit this website at Glencoe.com.

Exploring Pendulums worksheet 

Check out Gravity interactive site here.

For more information on Newton's laws and forces visit these 8th Grade curriculum pages, May The Force Be With You

There is more information with links for more detail at these sites: School for Champion Forces web pages with mini-quizzes; and the BBC Schools web pages.

Jump to the Gravity Launcher from HERE.
It is online at http://www.kineticcity.com/controlcar/activity.php?virus=terrora&act=4

Adler Planetarium online gravity challenge

Satellites in Orbit E-Sheet