Compounded *!>*-) Machines!
Summer Science Workshop for the Bronx Title IIB STEM Grant

How Many Teachers Does it Take to Change  Light Bulb?

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Be Sure to Visit the Simple Machine Page FIRST 

Review the Previous Workshop's Links and Activities


Summer Session 4 Agenda & Links

Pre-Requisite: Go to Edheads and click on Simple Machines. Complete the activity.

Essential Questions: How are water and machinery connected? How does studying tools/ inventions/ machines/ technological advances help us understand history and vice-versa? How do machines fit into your curriculum?


Review Simple & Compound Machines
Interactive web site Odd Machine
Hands-on Study
Participant Presentations
Vitual Lab: Machine Math
Groups: Build Compound Machines
Rube Goldberg Challenge
Relfection & Sharing resources 

Today's Activities

Complex machines from Edheads at Try that Odd Machine out. 

Go to The Inventors Tools Box . Review the different kinds of machines. Continue to the Gadget Anatomy web page and complete the activity there.

Group work:Do your own Gadget Anatomy

1) In small groups, examine your machine in detail. Take turns operating the machine while the others watch to see how each part moves. 

2) Discuss answers to the following questions:

What is the function of this machine? How many moving parts does it have? How are the moving parts connected to each other? What does each moving part do in the machine? Which parts are elements of machines?

3) Place the machine at rest so that everyone in the group can see it and distribute paper, pencils and erasers. Begin sketching diagrams of your machine. Draw the machine from your own point of view first. Later you can trade places and draw it from different points of view to show all working parts.

When the diagrams are completed, add arrows and written notes to indicate directions of motion for each part, label the elements of machines involved, and explain connections.

Choose a Design Challenge and brainstorm about how you might create a machine to accomplish the task.

Go to the virtual labs from the University of Utah. These are very good. Complete a lab with a partner


Hands-on: Create gears, belt drive and/or cam shaft

Design a Rube Goldberg machine! Continue with Design Challenge

Check out online resouces appropriate for your grade level and tour the blog, and wiki, .