Powering Modern Society
Summer Science Workshop for the Bronx Title IIB STEM Grant

What Makes Our World Go?

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Opening: Paperwork, introductions, protocols and objectives
Types of Energy
Systems Overview
Historical Perspective
Electrical Power Production
Online reseach project (alternative fuels)
Computer technology
Let's Build It - Archimede's Screw, Mini Steam Boat
Modern Transportation Issues
Green Revolution
Relfection & Sharing resources

What part does water play in producing power for our society?

How can studying history through the lens of technology give us another  perspective? How does technology play a part in your subject area? How many systems are between you and the natural world?

Today's Links

Systems Online Lesson

Technology Trends interactive lesson

Computer System

Video Files for Generating Electricity Lesson Plan
Electricity's Power Part 1
Electricity's Power Part 2
Electricity's Power Part 3