Daily Activity Guide

Black History Quotation Project

Essential Unit Aims

How are quotations used?

How do you write an informed and interesting biograhy?

What different formats are used to present information? How are post cards used?

How do you 'hook' an audience?

Project Links

Student Plan Page I

Student Plan Page II

Student Plan Page III

Quotations & Podcast

Short Biography Rubric

Quotation Project Rubric

Flickr Photo Sharing Site

Flicker Toys for Alternative Projects

Detailed lesson plans

Student Hand Outs

Unit overview with NYS Standards

Student Work 



Day-to-Day Outline

Day One

How are quotations used? Listen and respond to selection of quotes: Students choose two quotes and write connection/ reflection

Day Two

Who said that? Review search engine and find out who the author is of selected quotes

Distribute actual post cards. Discuss essential elements. Introduce post card project using quotation and biographical information. Hand out Student Plan (also on web).

Students research biographical data for quotation selected for project, saving URL's to reference for written biography.

Day Three

Why did s/he say that? Students write short biographies about the quotation's author.

Day Four

How do you visualize that?  Demonstrate techniques in MS Word or use other software as desired to begin creating postcards. Students locate photos or graphic images to use with postcards and begin entering text. Group members support each other. .

Day Five

How do we hook the reader? Students examine some professional examples and work on postcards.

Day Six

Finishing Touches. Students complete work.

Day Seven

Student peer review in groups and create collage for class presentation.

Day Eight

Student groups give class presentations.

Extended /Alternate Activities

Use Flickr Toys to create trading cards, movie posters, and/or motivational posters to illustrate quotation, author and connection.

Print and distribute post cards to other students.