Quotation Project Student Plan III

How do you grab a reader's attention?

Check out some professional postcards here.

What's a 'one-liner?'

Critique each other (peer review) and help improve the impact of your project.

Who's your peer?

Review the Quotation Project Rubric

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Option 2: Use Flickr Tools to Create a Trading Card and Motivational Poster or Movie Poster

  • Goto> http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/ and select Trading Card from the drop down menu MAKE SOMETHING ELSE.

  • Follow the directions carefully

  • Use the space available as you would the information on the post card (see Option 1)

  • Save your work!
  • From the “Make Something Else” menu choose either the Motivator or Movie Poster.
  • Follow the directions carefully and use the space provided to present your message or advertise your movie
  • Include all required elements and be accurate
  • Once again, save your work

Assessment, Group work and Peer Review

  • You are expected to work with your classmate partner and group for ideas and constructive criticism
  • Peer reviews helps make your presentation more relevant to your audience (other students).
  • Groups of 4 or 5 will use the rubric for judging individual creations
  • Create and present group collage with one project from each group member to whole class; Collage can be created in PowerPoint digitally or by using printouts