Quotation Project Student Plan II

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Did you know that Flickr is the largest photo sharing network on the Internet?

What other sites do you know of to search for photographs?

You can also use any photos or pictures in Microsoft Office if you have a license for the software (our school does).

Photograhps you take or drawings and illustrations you create can be used by you. You decide who else may use your work and how.

Find Two Pictures

  • Go to http://www.flickr.com ; type in some keywords (such as the person’s name or words related to the quote) to search and click the search button; then go to ADVANCED search and check the boxes for Safe Search & Only search within Creative Commons-licensed. Regardless of where you find your images, only use images that you have permission to use.
  • Choose 2 pictures (person’s photo or  theme) that represents the quote you chose
  • Save (right click on the picture, select save) the picture(s) for later use.
  • Record the web address for reference and citations!

Option 1: Create a Postcard in Word

  • Open up MS Word. GO TO> Tools > Letters & Mailing> Envelopes & Labels
  • Click OPTIONS: Choose a Postcard #5389; Click OK and then NEW Document
  • Create a postcard using your quote, biographical information and pictures
  • Layout (First cell of the table): First page the Front—Picture, Quote, Title/Hook
  • Back (Second Cell): Small picture (optional, wrap text) with biography, context & connection

For Option 2: In Your Groups Create a List of Essential/ Required Elements for Flickr Projects