Credit Card Basics

     Process Page 1 - Week One

What's a Credit Card Anyway? 

Learn about and demonstrate your knowledge of credit card basics.

What terms are associated with credit cards?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a credit cards?

Production List

Group Glossary

Individual paragraphs using new terms.

Individual summary of one article.

Group lists of advantages and disadvantages

Printed Certificates for Each Team Member from Charge it Right

Before You Begin.
Create a Team Wiki at and specify team members who can edit your pages. This is where you can collaborate and share your findings. What's a wiki? Watch this to find out more.

How is it possible to buy something you
really want without using money?

Read all about Credit Cards at Wikipedia

"The ABC's of Credit"

Acquiring a credit card and managing it wisely are two of the necessary steps toward building a good credit history. Follow Maria and Tomoko as they learn about the five C's of Credit and begin to establish a positive credit history. View the video together at Select the "ABC's of Credit."

Take the Credit-Ed Challenge Tutorial

Module 3: Learning about credit cards

Module 4: Understanding credit card terms

Build a Glossary of Terms

Use or to create your list and write definitions using  your own words as much as possible.  Citibank has a glossary here.  Words to include can be found at this web page. You can also use Wikipedia or other sources. Divide the words up between team members. Everyone write a meaningful paragraph incorporating at least five of these words.

Read More About It

Everyone read the book excerpt The Freshman Ten. Then review  the other articles using links on that page. Divide the articles up between team members. Choose 1 article each and write a summary about it.

Discuss and Write 2 Lists

As a group, discuss the pros and cons of having and using credit cards. Create lists of the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Complete Charge It Right Course

Each team member will go to the FDIC website and complete the FDIC Money Smart online section on credit cards, "Charge it Right." Print your certificate indicating completion.