Short Biography Rubric

Black History Quotation Project

Essential Elements

 The Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How of It

Who were they? Where and when did they live?

Why are they famous?


What era of history did they live in and how did the times affect them?


How did they affect history?


Why do you think they are important?


What’s your connection with this person?



4 Excellent

3 Very Good

2 Good

1 Needs  Improvement

Required Elements 50% (Double Score)

Many  essential elements included as well as additional information. Fully engages reader and explains subject's significance.

Sufficient essential elements included to engage the reader and explain who this person is and why they are important.

Included a few essential elements. Explains somewhat who this person is and their importance.

Most required elements were missing. Doesn’t really explain why this person is important.

Spelling and Punctuation 25%

There are no spelling or punctuation errors in the final draft. Character and place names that the author invented are spelled consistently throughout.

There is one spelling or punctuation error in the final draft.

There are 2-3 spelling and punctuation errors in the final draft.

The final draft has more than 3 spelling and punctuation errors.

Organization 25%

The biography is very well organized. One idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions.

The biograhy is pretty well organized. One idea may seem out of place. Clear transitions are used.

The biography is a little hard to follow. The transitions are sometimes not clear.

Ideas seem to be randomly arranged.