About Us

The Teacher Learning Research Group is a group of researchers at UC, Irvine's School of Education who study issues related to the preparation of future teachers, the induction of new teachers, and the professional development of practicing teachers. Much of the research that occurs in this group examines teachers’ development of knowledge, beliefs, skills, and practices for teaching in ways that support learning for understanding. We also welcome individuals who adopt policy perspectives to studying teacher and school reform.

Several projects have occurred in the context of mathematics and science education, though the contributions of our work have implications for other content areas, across K-12 settings. Furthermore, several members of this group consider the ways that technology can be used to support teacher learning. The following links provide more information about different research projects that are affiliated with this group.

Learning from Teaching Mathematics

Learning to Notice Teaching and Learning Research Group

Mathematics Teaching and Teacher Education

This group meets several times each quarter. Members of the group volunteer to share their work and the group provides feedback and commentary to support the development of all members. Guest speakers will be invited to present at future research group meetings. Click here for meeting dates, times, and locations. 

We welcome opportunities to work with undergraduate and graduate students on our research projects! If you are interested in working with this group, email Dr. van Es (evanes@uci.edu) or Dr. Santagata (r.santagata@uci.edu) for more information.