*** Remote Learning has begun! A couple of notes...
1. I will update my calendar (see below) with office hours.
2. I will maintain a calendar for each course, so click on the tab for a course above, and you will see what the class is doing each day.
3. There are a number of useful files in my OneDrive folder for each class. The folders are password protected, so ask if you have forgotten the password.
4. The rest is on Microsoft Teams / OneNote Class Notebook. Be sure to install Teams and log into your account with Office 365. I would also recommend installing OneNote. If I have other suggestions, I will post those suggestions in Teams.
See you online!
-Mr. Miller. ***

Welcome to my website!

The primary purpose of this website is to support the courses I teach in high school Math.

From any page on my website, use the tabs near the top to navigate to another page.

Below is a calendar showing where and when I teach. Note that on mornings that start with block 2-4, I am unavailable for Flex Time. On those days, you'll notice an empty spot at the beginning of the day, as I am in class starting at 10:32am.

Mr. Miller's School Calendar