Teacher Aide Pro

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Teacher Aide Pro is an Android app developed by a teacher for teachers.  The app provides an attendance and gradebook with simple to use communication options to notify parents and students of absences, missing assignments and current grades.  The app is frequently updated since it's initial release in April 2011.   Email the developer at inpocketsolution@gmail.com for specific questions or comments.


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* Designed for both phone size screens and tablet devices
* 4 Seasons/Year, 6 Marking Periods (Terms) / Season, 10 or 20 Classes/Periods/Term
* Max 99 students per class  & 99 attendance days per Term
* Default Mark set to Present (can be user customized) to speed attendance taking. 
* Backup to Device, Email or Dropbox
* Sort students alphabetically by last name, by number of absences, by missing assignments, but current grade
* Import student names from CSV file to the app (collect data via a Google Form Template)
* Simple 1 button click to notify parents of absent student or missing assignments
* Grading Using Points, Percent or Custom Letter Grades
* Device will speak name of student Randomly (replace those old Popsicle sticks)