Aided language input

In this project, we placed a large focus on aided language input, one of the most important communication strategies for teaching AAC. The communication partner (teacher, SLP, classroom paraprofessional, or other) teaches symbol meaning and models language by combining his or her own verbal input with selection of vocabulary on the AAC system (low-tech or high tech). This is done by simultaneously selecting vocabulary on the AAC system and speaking (AAC Institute, 2011).

Here are some comprehensive resources for using aided language input. 

Strategy of the month: getting started with aided language input

Teachers in action: Using Aided Language Input

Modelling in everyday activities (excellent Australian resource)

Please see below for a few videos on aided language input. The first video is an overview, while the last two demonstrate aided language input with a group of students, as well as an individual student.

One Kids Place: Aided Language Input

Here's another video of a teacher using aided language input, with a large core board for multiple students:
And one more! This time with an individual student:

Andrea Prupas,
Mar 27, 2017, 12:38 PM