Mysterious Vessel

A "Mysterious Vessel" will occassionaly appear in the HUD. His appearance always causes a lot of excitement and joy in Tiny Empires 3000. When he appears, the "Onboard Entity" will ask you for a lot of of credits to trade for minerals and ore, but won't say what you will be getting in exchange. Definitely pay what he asks if you have the credits, as the Vessel is a bonus to the players. The Vessel can give you a boost in either ships or credits, if played properly. The Vessel makes random appearances - Unknown. There is no website yet available that predicts or records past Trading sightings.

On arrival of the "Mysterious Vessel" there are some steps. They are:
  • 1st month = 1st notice, warning about the Mysterious Vessels approach.
  • 2nd month = nothing
  • 3rd month = 2nd notice, warning again of the Mysterious Vessel.
  • 4th month = nothing
  • 5th month = 3rd notice (+ amount of credits asked)
  • 6th month = 4th notice and payment

Offers of Mysterious Vessel

For one year, you may buy ships at a very low price.

What to do:

BUY ships for 12 turns (and sell them if you want to make profit)

The price of buying a ship will be incredibly low. Not totally free, so you will need to have some credits to buy the ships. If you don't have enough gold to buy, you can always buy/sell at the same time, but be careful the selling price doesn't drop too.

For one year your ships will be worth more than normal

What to do:

SELL ships for 12 turns (and buy them back if you want to keep your personal fleet the same level)

Your ships are worth a lot with this bonus, but depending on your situation you may want to BUY and SELL at once so you do not lose total ships. However you will get a slightly higher profit if you sell all at once then buy back at a lower cost. This will take more time though it you are patient.

Offers fuel pellets, your efficiency skyrockets.

What to do:

WAIT out the 12 turns to collect credits and buying ships will change the cr/ship so to keep it the same do NOT BUY.

Your ship efficiency will skyrocket for 12 turns, and you will get a ridiculous amount of credits per turn. Like with any bonus that builds up your credits, it changes if you buy any ships and will usually lower.

Fleet efficiency has been raise by 100 credits/ship permanently.

What to do:


This bonus permanently increases your ship efficiency by 100cr/ship. You can check your ship efficiency by clicking on the Accounting tab in the HUD. When you get this bonus, you have nothing further to do. This is the best bonus in my opinion, and pays off the most in the long run.

Purchased ships are very likely to contain surprises

What to do:

BUY ships for 11 turns

You will receive a surprise in credits which is close to the price of the ship you just bought. Sometimes "hidden chamber with a credit chip", or "transport previous owner", or "left-over cargo". Basically you are getting ships for free or incredibly cheap. Note that for the last month of the Trader bonus year, you don't get the bonus - hence you only buy for 11 of the 12 turns.

ONE of your ships is worth more.

What to do:

SELL ships (and buy back if you want)

You receive messages that say, "Do you want to sell this ship? Perhaps it is worth something" during normally occuring ship buy/sell turns. Selling this ship may or may not give a profit. Usually it takes 3-7 sales to recieve the "rare ship" worth more, but depending on how many it takes (the longer it takes to find, the more it seems to be worth), you will recieve between 2 and 3 times what you paid the vessel in return. This is the only "Mysterious Vessel" option that you can log off and come back later and finish.  As it does not finish until you relieve your pay out, logging out only suspends it's time till you come back.
Observation: The big payout appears to be on average around a 6.5 times the cost of your current ships price when you are done


If you have FATIGUE when the Mysterious Vessel comes, after you pay, you may zero out and not get any profits from fuel pellets! You may end up losing all your credits! Depending on which bonus you get or how bad your fatigue is, it is very risky!