Wedding ring

So, I needed a wedding ring... 

My fiancee's wedding ring was relatively easy to pick.  In fact we effectively picked it within days of being engaged.  It would be the same size, material, and shape as her engagement ring, and preferably purchased from the same store.

I however had a problem.  I don't like rings.  As wedding planning continued however, it became clear that I was going to need a ring.  Well, it became clear to me when I was told I needed a ring.  But I have two problems with rings: First, they're unnecessarily expensive.  Second, they tend to be made of very heavy yet soft materials.  I looked into getting a titanium ring, but just wasn't excited about it.  So, this weekend during our wedding planning when we got to the ring action-item, I needed to take a break. 

I went to the garage and had a small epiphany.  Observe the overly long handlebar on the right side of the new GSXR.  This clearly needed to come off for reasons unrelated to the wedding.  Now pretend you had this tubular piece of aluminum in hand and wanted some sort of wedding ring that was light and cheap.  Well, I pulled out some tools and went to work.

After much hard work I was covered in razor sharp aluminum shavings and blood, and I had a broken set of calipers a burned out dremel and a prototype wedding ring.  I showed the prototype to a couple of friends, and then stole some ideas from a jewelery shop when I didn't get specific critiques.  Apparently mens rings are rounded on the inside, and usually on the top also.  I was unaware.  Also, rings aren't supposed to slip off your finger no matter how much you wave your hand about.  So I bought a new dremel, and went to work making a new one from the remaining clip-on length...

 On the left you can see the prototype ring, and on the right the final ring.