Low impact modification of a GSXR750 Track bike for street use. 

Purchased a 98 GSXR750 Track bike to replace my current street bike.   It came with A LOT of spares and was cheap enough that I figured it would be an ok project bike.  Though I can use the garage for the work, the bike is relegated to living outside until my other bike is gone.  Here's a series of pictures taken the first weekend with the bugger.  Mostly it details the amount of stuff, and how I squirelled it away to keep it from disrupting the current garage use.

When the bike and all the stuff was first unloaded it took up the area of a large car even though many of the parts were in relatively toll boxes.

The extra headers and fairings worked their way up to the rafters. 

The spare motor parts, brakes and rim worked their way into this happy setup.  I'm definitely going to have to go through and eliminate parts which have no use (fused crank etc). 

Stripped the bike down (very easy due to race fairings) 

Added rear subframe and realized I'm going to have to get a couple of brackets online to make the rear lights/glove box functional :( .    

All the fairings on, and working lights (signals + main) in the front. 

Cover it up for the weather/neighbors (its just a big dog/small horse statue). 

And we leave the missus with a relatively clean garage to park in :)