July Update

High Points and High Sides

So, I got married, made some carbon fiber, high-sided on my bike, hit a brick on the freeway, and all continues to go as well as ever.  The carbon fiber discussion will go in later posts.

To cover the high points:

I got married on May 24th at Faultline Brewery.

And yes, I got to use my ring

Some pictures can be seen around at:

Our photographer's blog.

Omid's gallery.

Chad's gallery.

 Little red got a little jealous of our happy marriage and decided to give me a buck.  Last week I had my first high-side, from hitting a patch of either anti-freeze or oil.

She broke a windshield, rear-view, cowling frame, clutch lever, rear-set, and bled to death out her fractured case cover. 

 Luckily I had some spares (clutch levers, cowling frame, case cover + gasket, rearset) and bikebandit is quick (windscreen, rear-view mirror).

Right after getting her on the road, while going up 101 I found a half a cinderblock.  I was unable to either fully unweight the front fork, or avoid it, so I now have a bent rim :(

On the plus side, I found a spare set of rims + rotors on ebay for less than a new front rim would have cost me.  Once that and my new frameslider arrive little red will again be getting the attention she cried out for.