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                   10th Tour de Twist   2011  

in Alexisbad
 (the oldest town in the Harz mountains with 240 inhabitants but 500 guest beds)


TdT Participants 2010:

Brocken (1.141 m above sea level) 


After Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia,Tschechia and Luxembourg again the Tour de Twist
will now take place in the German Harz Mountains.
You will find the reason for the slogan "witches dance" on the sub site Witche's Dance 2011.
Following an old proposal of 2009 the above seen participants of 2010 decided to give the organisation to
Uli Norden (GCE #418) and Bernd Neumann (GCE #43)
who you can meet at the Organisation Team
Ascension Day is very late in 2011. So the Tour de Twist
will not take place in May. It will be in June 2011.
Please look at the "Sat" or "Gelände" map below: