Thilina Surasinghe


    I am a PhD Candidate in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, in the School of Forest, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA. I am also serving as a Teaching 
Assistant in for the Dept of Biological Sciences. In addition, I mentor undergraduate students majoring in Biological Sciences, Natural Resources, and Wildlife Biology on filed-based research and lab experiments on landscape ecology and conservation biology. 

    Researching ad studying about biodiversity, wildlife, and ecosystems have been my passion since college. Since an undergraduate student (BS in Zoology) in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, I have taken part in many research on multiple taxa of Sri Lanka. Among my focal taxa, herpetofauna has been my key interest. Unique physiological aspects shared by herpetofauna, habitat specialization, intrinsic evolutionary history, high diversity of these species limited to certain biogeogrpahic regions of the world, and the diverse array of ecological responses they show upon anthropogenic disturbances always made me ponder about these fascinating creatures.

    My BS thesis, undergraduate mini-projects, and research I conducted as a junior faculty member in Sri Lankan public universities strengthened my skills in herpetology, biodiversity conservation and ecology. As a college lecturer, I taught ecology, evolution, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, vertebrate diversity and herpetology. Today, with the training I received from Clemson Graduate School, I am specialized in landscape ecology, freshwater biodiversity, herpetology, multivariate statistics, experimental design, and GIS applications.

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