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TDR Contact/Info

You can Email me (Tim) at:

You can write me at:              TDR Innovations
2192 Lazzelle Union Road
                                                     Maidsville, WV 26541

Join us on Facebook at:  Facebook group "TDR Innovations"

Who we are (TDR Innovations): 

We at TDR Innovations are modelers just like you.  We get our hands dirty and smell up the house with our model kits just like you do....but there are a couple of us that like to create 3D models in the computer too.  By using a new technology called Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), or rapid prototyping if you prefer, we can now produce these 3D computer models into actual parts you can use in your modeling projects!!  We are just 4 guys that are either retired or have day jobs but we bring with us over 200 years of glue/paint modeling and over 50 years of 3D computer modeling experience.  So feel free to contact us on the forums or through email, using the address above, because we love to talk about modeling.  

 What we do at TDR Innovations:

To put it in a nutshell, we design original models and make them available to you in a form you can use in your modeling work
.   We accomplish this by creating resin parts or by making our 3D designs available to you in the form of 3D printed parts.  The only parts we actually make ourselves are our fiberglass bodies and the resin parts we offer in our multimedia kits.

We also spend a lot of time hand sculpting or finishing masters to use in the production of our fiberglass/resin parts
and we spend a lot of time on the computer creating 3D models of things we like.  Lastly we spend a lot of internet time creating web sites, checking prices of new Direct Digital Manufacturers, experimenting with new materials that are emerging on the market and figuring out how we can present this wide array of materials and manufacturers to you, our customers, in a form that is not overwhelming.

What we DO NOT do at TDR Innovations:

We do not actually 3D print any of our parts.  3D printers can cost into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and well, there just is not that kind of money in 3D printed model car parts, just yet.