Transgender Response Team

What is the Transgender Response Team?

The purpose of the Transgender Response Team (TRT) is to launch and sustain a linked framework of culturally competent, evidence-based HIV prevention services for transgender communities and individuals in the state of Maryland.

The TRT will accomplish this work by focusing on efforts that:

  • reduce the stigma and oppression that fuel risk and risk-taking behavior;
  • facilitate power-sharing between consumers and providers, and;
  • promote solution-based dialogues and actions.

The TRT was convened by the Maryland Prevention and Health Promotion Administration (then called the Maryland AIDS Administration) in response to input received at the Transgender Health Forums held during the summer of 2007. The forums revealed a common desire among transgender consumers, health and human services providers, and other stakeholders, for the creation of a stable venue to engage in activities to tackle the many barriers transgender Marylanders face to full and equal inclusion in society, which collectively contribute to heightened risk for HIV for transgender people.

Membership in the Transgender Response Team is open to local members of transgender communities, their allies, service providers, and others interested in improving the health of transgender Marylanders.

The Transgender Response Team is asked to:

  • identify and engage in opportunities to create structural/environmental change that contribute to reducing and/or eliminating HIV/STD and other health risks for transgender consumers.
  • consider analyses of available data and how to apply it to the design and improvement of programs serving transgender consumers.
  • assist in identifying and engaging partners outside of the traditional circle of HIV/AIDS prevention and care services, who can help move efforts forward to attain equal access and cultural competency in services for transgender consumers.
  • advise Prevention and Health Promotion Administration (PHPA), Center for HIV Prevention and Health Services staff, and other members of the TRT, by identifying gaps in transgender health and human services and suggesting solutions.
  • provide information about local projects such that other participants can make informed service referrals of transgender consumers into these projects.
  • assist in raising the visibility of transgender communities, their needs and assets, to stakeholders in positions to contribute to positive change for transgender consumers. 
  • assist in raising the visibility of local projects represented on the TRT.
  • identify and engage in advocacy efforts intended to support civil rights protections for transgender consumers.
  • offer feedback on new programmatic initiatives designed to improve the health of transgender consumers.
  • identify and overcome barriers to the realization of a linked framework of local health and human services for transgender Marylanders.

More Information

For information on how to join the Transgender Response Team, please contact Jean-Michel Brevelle, Sexual Minorities Program Manager, Center for HIV Prevention and Health Services by email to or by calling (410) 767-5016.