Tournament Results

2017 Tournament Results:

Match Play Qualifier - 18 players in qualifying tournament
Modified Stableford scoring used was:
    Net scores: Hole In One - 10 , Double Eagle - 8 , Eagle - 6 , Birdie - 4 , Par - 2 , Bogey - 1 , Double  - 0 Points
Top 10 Qualifiers
Botto         49
Taylor        46
Ginsberg   44
K Williams 43
Pyle           41
Pearson     40
Dundas      39
Kerwood    39
McGregor  39
Kjer            39

Closest to the Pin:
#4 Lovely
#7 Pyle
#12 Pearson
#17 Pearson

NCGA 4-Ball Qualifier
- 8 two man teams played.  The top two teams will represent Tahoe Donner and advance to the next round of NCGA play next spring.

1st Place   - Gauny and Pellegrini (net 59)
2nd Place   - Kerwood and Williams (net 60)
3rd Place    - Moore and Parsons (net 65) first alternate team

Closest to the Pin
Hole 4 Gauny
Hole 7 Gauny
Hole 12 Gauny
Hole 17 Williams

(delayed to June 18) - 32 played.
4- Man Shamble
     1st Place:   White, Hilmo, Moore, Womack                     115
     2nd Place:  Ginsberg, Gauny, H. Williams, Kingsley       117
     3rd place:   R Shindler, C Shindler, Tompkins, McBeth   118

Closest to Pin:      #4 Brian Gauny
                             #7 Tom Ravey
                            #12 Denny Anderson
                             #17 Bob Moore

NCGA Senior 4 Ball (Delayed to June 16) - 20 played. Best ball of a 2-man team
      1st Place      Ginsberg/VanLydegraph    57
      2nd Place    Ravey/Rotto                       61
      3rd Place     Watkins/Davidson              62

Closest to the pin   #4 Tim Lyman
                              #7 Vance VanLydegraph
                              #12 Gary Botto
                              #17 Dennis Anderson

2016 Tournament Results:
Chapman (delayed to Oct 8)

1st place:  James Murtagh and David Rhodes
2nd place: Bruce Watkins and Ron Davidson
3rd place:  Dick Tomlinson and John Dundas

Memorial (Sept 25)
Men's Club Flight: Member-Member
1st Place:   Mike Sargent/David Rojas
2nd Place: Pat Gemma/Keith Williams
3rd Place: Gary Botto/Ralph Shindler

Men's Club/Guest Flight:
1st Place:      Mark Moore/Linda Moore
2nd Place:    Jim Pyle/Vickie Pyle
3rd Place:     Russell Lai/Jean Lai

Closest to the pin:
#4 Russell Lai, #7 Kevin Redner, #12 Dan Degenhardt, #17 Gary Botto

Men's Club Championship (Sept 10,11)

Club Championship Flight

Low Gross, Mike Sargent with 82-83=165 gross, for the two days

2nd Low Gross: Gary White with 169 gross

Low Net winner, Lex Winans had a net score of 158

2nd Low net was Gary White with a net score of 165

3rd Low Net, Michael Blasquez, won the card-off with Mike Ginsberg, had 166 net

Most Improved was Mike Ginsberg with a 6- stroke improvement


Bobby Jones Flight

Low Net Winner: Russ Lai with 147 [won the 3-hole playoff]

2nd: Rick Andrs with 147

3rd: Brian Gauny with 157  [He won a card off with Larry Kushner]

MI: Jim Pyle had an 11 stroke improvement


Ben Hogan Flight

Low Net Winner: Gary Botto with 145

2nd: Eddie Mozen with 148

3rd: Pat Gemma with 153

MI: Marty Errecart had a 14 stroke improvement [which gives us a hint as to his first day score.]


Arnold Palmer Flight

Low Net Winner: Lance Van Lydegraf with two red number days  63 & 67 = 130 net

2nd: Dave Rojas with a 145

3rd: Bob Schuster with a 146

MI: Randy Stephenson had a 9 stroke improvement

The Tahoe Donner Invitational (Aug 26,27)
1st flight
     Low Gross: Gary White (new member) and former TD resident Dave Baker
     Low Net: Jim Pyle and Larry Bell
2nd Flight:
     Low Gross:  Brad Marnitz and Tom Wirshing
     Low Net:  Bob Moore and George Matava
Third Flight:
     Low Gross: Greg Retzlaff and brother Steve Retzlaff
     Low Net: Tim Pellegrini and Matt Kovisto
Fourth Flight:
     Low Gross: Robert Lowitz and Jack Sweitzer
     Low Net: Steve Havis and Jim McGuire

Most Improved:

     Art King and Tux Tuxhorn

NCGA  Zone Championship Qualifier (Aug 13)
1st place qualifies to represent Tahoe-Donner at the NCGA Zone Championship next year
Qualifying Team
1st 126 Net Score  Ralph Shindler Gary Botto Thom Ravey Greg Retzlaff

Other Teams:
2nd 136 Net Score Mike Ginsberg Aaron Jensen Tom Lovely Lance Van Lydegraf
3rd 136 Net score Scott Taylor Per Hilmo Rick Andrs Richard Tomlinson
4th 136 Net Score Michael Blasquez Jim Pyle Bob Moore Joe Visconti
5th 137 Net Score Pat Gemma Bruce Watkins Ron Davidson John McGregor

Junior/Senior or Father/Son-Daughter (July 30)

NCGA Net Amateur Championship Qualifier
There were 3 flights and the winner from each flight plus the next best score irrespective of the flight  moved on to the next round to represent the honor of Tahoe Donner.

Flight winners: Dick Tomlinson, Michael Blasquez, & Ralph Shindler.
At-large winner: Scott Taylor.

Closest to the pin
#4 Ralph Shindler, #7 Greg Retzlaff, #12 Michael Blasquez, #17 Scott Taylor

Men's Club Match Play (July & August)
Champion: Dick Tomlinson
Runner up: Keith Williams
Semi-Finalists: Michael Blasquez Bruce Watkins
Quarter-Finalists: Greg Retzlaff, Aaron Jensen, Eddie Mozen, Dave Parsons

Match Play Qualifier (July 10)
Top 10 Finishers

Greg Retzlaff 59
Mike Sargent 44
Bruce Watkins 43
Jim Pyle 41
Larry Kushner 40
Gary Botto 40
Keith Williams 39
Gary Kerwood 39
Hinton Williams 39
Michael Blasquez 38

Closest to the pin
#4 Greg Retzlaff, #7 Greg Retzlaff, #12 Harry Pearson, #17 Mike Ginsberg

NCGA Four Ball Net Championship (June 18)
1st Place (tie) Shindler/Andrs 66 (advance to further qualifying
                       Ginsberg/Jensen 66 (advance to further qualifying)
3rd Place (tie) Anderson/Taylor 67
                        Ravey/Botto 67
                        Blasquez/Watkins 67

Closest to the Pin Context

#4 Aaron Jensen, #7 Ralph Shindler, 
#12 Denny Anderson, 
#17 John McGregor

(June 5)
1st place     Ginsberg/Kushner/Sigovich/Fulton    115
2nd place    Baldwin/Retzlaff/Borghello/Oddo       115
3rd Place    Kjer/Raab/Westfall/Errecart                122
4th place     Locke/Lyman/Havis/McGoldrick         123
5th place     Lyon/K.Williams/Arata/Tierney            123

Closest to the pin     #4    Pat Gemma
                                 #7    Jeff Locke
                                 #12  Gordy Kjer
                                 #17  Jim Belotti

NCGA Senior 4 Ball
(June 3)
1st Place        Shindler/Andrs        60
2nd Place       Anderson/Taylor     62
3rd Place (tie) Davidson/Retzlaff   65
                        Kushner/Close       65
                        Elvidge/Riele          65

Closest to the pin   #4 Ron Davidson
                               #7  Mike Ginsberg
                               #12 Ron Elvidge
                               #17 Hinton Williams

2015 Tournament Results:

2015 Club Championship
Championship Flight (Gross Scores)
1Marc Smith 78-73--151
2 Dan Degenhardt 81-78--159
3 Kevin Mckennan 84-76--160
4 Kevin Murphy 77-84--161
5 Tim Westfall 81-83--164
6 Alexis Winans 84-89--173
7 Douglas Grandy 90-84--174
8 Bill Dobert 87-89--176
9 Mike Sargent 86-91--177

Bobby Jones Flight (Net Scores)
1 Jim Pyle 72-70--142
2 Gordy Kjer 74-75—149
3 Bob Moore 82-68—150
T4 Brad Marnitz 84-67—151
Edward Littlejohn 72-79—151
6 Lance Van Lydegraf 78-77—155
7 Andy Finney 78-78—156
8 Mike Ginsberg 78-79—157
9 Andrew Philip Matzke 82-89--171
10 Peter Gerdin 83-91--174

Walter Hagan Flight (Net Scores)

1 Pat Gemma 72-72—144
2 John Sekerak 72-76—148
T3 Bruce Watkins 79-73—152
Michael G Blasquez 74-78—152
5 Greg Retzlaff 76-77—153
6 Ron Elvidge 79-77—156
7 Hinton Williams 77-82—159
8 Brian Gauny 83-78--161
9 Rick Andrs 81-81—162
10 Denny Powell 86-79—165

Ben Hogan Flight (Net Scores)

1 Larry Kushner 75-67—142
2 Dennis Anderson 74-74—148
3 Ralph Shindler 75-75—150
4 Jim Ozimek 80-72—152
5 Thomas Lovely 77-76—153
6 Jim Dill 87-72—159
7 Keith Williams 74-88—162
8 James Belotti 77-93—170
9 Martin Errecart 93-88--181
10 George Bielous 102-92—194

Arnold Palmer Flight (Net Scores)

1 Claude Close 71-68—139
2 David F Rojas 72-68—140
3 John McGregor 71-70—141
4 Per Hilmo 70-72—142
5 Jack Sigovich 71-75—146
6 David Westfall 74-76—150
7 Dieter A Krewedl 72-79—151
8 Ronald Vanderbeek 78-76—154
9 Steve Havis 82-74—156
10 Michael Edwards 77-80—157
11 Bob Allen 78-80—157
12 Bob Schuster 78-81—159
13 Jeff Bonzon 78-90—168

2015 Guest Invitational
One of our Club's Premier events, the Men's Club Invitational, was held on September 10th through 12th. This year we had a total of 37 teams competing in 4 flights. The weather was perfect and the competition high.

Here are the results:
 Nicklaus Flight
 - Low Gross - Rapton and Hooper
 - 1st Low Net - Marnitz and Whirshing
 - 2nd Low Net - Elvidge and Fulton
 - 3rd Low Net - Moore and McGeever

Weiskopf Flight
 - Low Gross - Kjer and Lloyd
 - 1st Low Net - Zimmerman and Hooper
 - 2nd Low Net - Kushner and Semmens
 - 3rd Low Net - Taylor and Cofer

Jacobsen Flight
 - Low Net - Grote and Martin
 - 1st Low Net - Kramer and Roberts
 - 2nd Low Net - Upchurch and Upchurch
 - 3rd Low Net - Greiss and Matchin

Fazio Flight
 - Low Gross - Havis and McGuire
 - 1st Low Net - Anderson and Jones
 - 2nd Low Net - Falck and Woodley
 - 3rd Low Net - Goldsmith and Reasonover

The winner of the Horserace was the team of Kushner and Semmens. It turned out that no one bet on this team!!! Per Rob and James, that's a first.

2015 Match Play final
On Wednesday August 19th Dr. Dick Tomlinson and Pat Gemma squared off in the final round of the Match play tournament.  Even with spotting Gemma 6 strokes the good doctor was up 5 with four holes to go.  As is custom Dick will be acknowledged and receive his crystal bowl at the Club Championship banquet on August 23rd. 

2015 NCGA Zone qualifier
We had a gorgeous day and some stellar play in our NCGA Zone Qualifier. Seven teams competed for one spot to represent Tahoe Donner in the next NCGA Zone Qualifier Tournament sometime next year. The top three teams were separated by only 2 strokes!!
Jolly good!! Results as follows:

1st Place 125 Michael Blasquez Jim Pyle Bob Moore Art King
2nd Place 126 Dick Tomlinson Rick Andrs Per Himo Scott Taylor
3rd Place 128 Ralph Shindler Chris Shindler Tom Lovely Greg Retzlaff

2015 Junior/Senior Father/Son annual tournament
The Annual Father/Son and Senior/Junior tournament  took place yesterday with 15 teams competing in beautiful weather and magnificent course conditions.  9 teams played in the handicap division and 6 teams played Calloway Division. A total of $600 will be paid out in Pro Shop credit.
Results are as follows:

1st - DePinto, Stakoe                60
2nd - Johns, Scott                     64
3rd - Mozen, Mozen                  65

1st - Marnitz, Marnitz                 61
1st - Ozimek, Ozimek                61
3rd - Reile, Reile                       62
3rd - Deatsch, Deatsch             62

Closest to the pin were also awarded as follows:

Hole #4 Derek Gilchrist            12'3"
Hole # 7 Bob Tolliver, Sr            5' 6''
Hole #12 Charlie Lyon                4'9"
Hole #17 Charlie Lyon            25'10"

Thanks to all who participated and to the pro shop staff for their helpful organization.


2015 Icebeaker:

Well our first tournament is in the books and what a wonderful day it turned out to be. The weather was fantastic and the course was in great shape for this early in the season. We also had a great turnout with 56 players and it looked like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

There was only one little glitch as all participants were supposed to receive a 25% discount coupon for the pro shop. For those of you who did participate you may still pick up your discount coupon in the pro shop at anytime.

The winning teams were as follows:

1st place          115 Mike Sargent Tom Lovely David Westfall Jim Ozimek
2nd place (tie) 117 Ron Davidson Michael Blasquez Ray Doving David Rojas
                        117 Gordy Kjer Bob Moore Michael Goldfarb James Bellotti
4th place (tie)   118 Andy Finney Jim Pyle Denny Anderson Dave Wallace
                         118 Tim Pellegrini Rick Andrs Herm Shaver Mark Tompkins

Closest to the pin were as follows:

#4    David Rojas
#7    Trip Baldwin
#12  Michael Blasquez
#17  Robert Schuster

A special thanks goes to Rob Weizer and his staff for all their help and all should give a shout out to Kevin Kuehue when you see him as he does a great job on our course. We are lucky to have them all.

2015 NCGA Senior four ball:

We had 13 teams compete in the NCGA Senior 4 Ball and in addition to it being well contested, we were able to put this one in the books before the rain hit. Two teams advanced to the next round and we are sure they will represent Tahoe Donner honorably.

The results are as follows

1st Place 62           Dave Parsons / John McGregor
2nd Place 63          Denny Anderson / Scott Taylor
3rd Place 63           Dick Tomlinson / Mark Moore
4th Place 64 (tie)    Michael Blasquez / Jim Pyle
                               Paul McGoldrick / Alan Lopp
                               Ralph Shindler / Greg Retzlaff

2015 NCGA Four-ball Qualifier

With beautiful mild mountain weather 10 teams of 2  competed for the NCGA Four-Ball Qualifier.  The title of this tournament is a bit confusing because the format requires teams of two to post their best ball net score using 90% of each players handicap.  The two teams with the lowest score will go on next spring to represent our club in this NCGA event.

The team of Botto and  Ravey came in first place with a net team score of 62.
Parsons and Moore, our club president came in 2nd place with a score of 64

These two teams will have to keep their schedules flexible next spring so they can move on in this NCGA competition. 

3rd place was Watkins and Gemma at 65
4th place tie was Taylor and Anderson along with Davidson and Gauny both teams posting a 66
6th place was Ginsberg and Lovely at 67
7th, 8th and 9th place teams were tied at 70.  They were Marnitz and Lyman, Baldwin and Sargent, Williams and Tierney
Rick Andrs still recovering from a winter leg/foot injury was able to carry his partner Shindler to post a 76.

2015 NCGA Net Amateur:

The NCGA Net Amateur Tournament was played on Saturday and it was a beautiful day for golf. The field was divided into three flights with the low net winner of each flight plus the next lowest low net player of any flight advancing to the next round on September 17th. There are several courses for the four players to choose from on that date. For those that advance from that round the Championship will be played on October 12th & 13th. The results are as follows:

Presidents Flight Dick Tomlinson 74
Directors Flight Michael Blasquez 73
Secretaries Flight Tom Lovely 70
At Large Ralph Shindler 73

In addition to the tournament we had a closest to the pin contest, winners as follows:

#4 Trip Baldwin
#7 Trip Baldwin
#12 Michael Blasquez
#17 Jim Pyle

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

2014 Tournament Results:

2014 Club Championship:  

Another perfect weekend of food, weather and golf for all who played in the Club Championship. 

Highlights and winners: 

Claude Close comes back from 5 down after the first round to shoot his age, 77, for a net 61 to run away from the field in the Senior Flight. Jim Pyle shoots net 71 and 74 to beat out Rickie Andrs in the 1st Flight. John Sekerak has the best round in the 2nd Flight to beat Ralph Shindler, Norman Kahn and Larry Kushner by 2. Tom Lovely, current TD Cup Leader, takes the 3rd Flight by 5 strokes and Mark Tompkins net 145 takes the last flight by 9. In the Championship Flight, Dan Degenhardt, with birdies on 14 and 15 with an assist from our pro's cart on 16, shoots 11 over to win the Championship. Kevin Murphy edges out Lex Winans to win the net honors in the Championship Flight. 

An early dinner to award prizes closed out the day after a ratification vote to welcome three new members to our men's club board of directors: Michael Blasquez, Mark Colombo,Jim Pyle. 

Congrats to all.

Also a reminder that the Men's Club Invitational will be here in less than three weeks. This is your chance to show your friends just how good the Tahoe Donner Golf Course. Applications can be picked up from the Men's Club Bulletin Board and from the evite you received recently. Don't delay. This will be a great event.

Final Flight Results for the 2014 Club Championship:


 Arnold Palmer

 Bobby Jones / Byron Nelson
 Ben Hogan / Gene Sarazen
Results pending

2014 NCGA Zone Qualifying Championship:

On Saturday August 16, the club held its NCGA Zone Qualifying Championship. This is the last of four NCGA Qualifying events held by the Men’s Club each summer. This year we had a total of 8 teams of four, or 32 players, which is up from five teams last year. The format was four man teams, where the lowest two net scores are added together. When all the dust settled, there was a tie for first place between the Lovely, Hentz, Shindler and Shindler team and the Tarter, Watkins, Kerwood and Baldwin team. The score was 128. This resulted in a three hole playoff, which was ultimately won by the Lovely team. They are eligible to play in the NCGA Qualifying event in July 2015. Third place went to the Parsons, Moore, Tomlinson and Andrs team with a 131 score.
Closest to the Pin honors went to Tarter #4 (15”), McGregor #7, Kushner #12 and Tierney #17.

2014 Junior/Senior TD Tournament:

The annual Jr./Sr tournament took place today (August 2, 2014) with 13 teams competing in beautiful weather and magnificent course conditions.  7 teams played in the handicap division and 6 teams played the Calloway Division. Refer to the picture below for our final results and award winners.

Closest to the pin were also awarded as follows:

Hole #4 Andrew Matzke 23' 8''
Hole # 7 Blake Pyle 7' 6''
Hole #12 Rick Andrs  1/4''  (That's right he missed the ace by 1 quarter of an inch!)
Hole #17 Ralph Shindler 15' 7''

Thanks to all who participated and to Ralph and the pro shop staff for their helpful organization.

2014 TD NCGA Net Amateur Qualifier:

On Saturday July 26th, we had 19 players participate in the NCGA Net Amateur Qualifier Tournament.  The format was Stroke Play and the field was divided into three flights. Those with handicaps of 10 or less; those with handicaps from 11 through 17 and those at 18 and above. The greens continue to get faster as the course is getting ready for the Club Championship and the Invitational.

The top flight finishers were 

Flight One
 - 1st Place - Dave Parsons and Dick Tomlinson - tie: score of 73
 - 3rd Place Vinny DePinto: score of 76

Flight Two
 - 1st Place - Mike Ginsberg: score of 71
 - 2nd Place - Larry Kushner: score of 76

Flight Three
 - 1st Place - David Rojas: score of 71
 - 2nd Place - Gary Kerwood: score of 73

The first place finishers from each flight plus the next highest (Kerwood) will represent the Club at the NCGA Qualifying Tournament to be held on September 11th.

This tournament was eligible for TD Cup points. An updated year-to-date list will be posted on the bulletin board this week.

2014 TD Match Play Qualifier:

We had 27 players participate in the Match Play Qualifier Tournament on Sunday July 13th.  The format was Modified Stableford which emulates match play since a bad hole is not as penal as it would be in a stroke play tournament (a double bogey or worse doesn't hurt you).

The top four finishers were 
  • John Dundas with a stellar 38 points
  • Rick Andrs with 36 points
  • Denny Anderson with 35 points
  • Mark Columbo with 35 points
These four along with last years champion (Lance Van Lydegraf) will be the top five seeds in the matches.  Matches should be played each week until we get an eventual winner in a 36 hole final.

2014 NCGA Four Ball Results:

1st Place: M Blasquez and J Pyle
1st Place: A King and D Wallace
1st Place: B Heath and J McGregor
4th Place: B Moore and D Parsons
5th Place: T Lovely and R Tomlinson

A three hole playoff was held Monday following the Saturday Tournament.   The match was tied through the first two holes and came down to a final putt on hole 3. The two teams representing the Club at next years NCGA Four Ball Tournament will be Jim Pyle and Michael Blasquez along with Dave Wallace and Art King. 

2014 NCGA Senior Four Ball Results:

1st Place: Bob Heath and Ron Davidson
2nd Place: Dave Parsons and Bob Moore
3rd Place: Lance Van LydeGraf and Gary Kerwood
Tied for 4th Place:
    Paul McGoldrick and Mick Arata
    Scott Taylor and Dennis Anderson
    Art King and Dave Wallace

The top two teams will compete with the winners from other clubs in August.   Refreshments were enjoyed by all after the round (especially the winners).

2014 Icebreaker Results:

1- Ginsberg- Gonsalves-Lopez-Ozimen (115)

2- Davidson-Westfall-Gilchrist-Oddo (117)

T3- Moore-Lyman-McGoldrick-Dundas (119)

T3- Rhodes-Bielous-Botto-Bellotti (119)

5- Kushner-Raab-Wallace-Sullivan (121 tie-breaker)

Closest to the Pin
#4 T Ravey
#7 A Jensen
#12 J Ozimek
#17 B Moore

All Participants:

2013 Tournament Results

2013 Chapman Tournament
1.  Kevin Murphy / Jim Dill 68
2. Dave Rhodes / James Murtagh 69
3. Gary Botto / Thom Ravey  70                 
T4. Jim Pyle / Michael Blasquez 71
T4. Mike Ginsberg / Dick Tomlinson 71
T4. Bruce Watkins / Derek Gilchrist 71

2013 Memorial Tournament
1. Andrs-Blasquez-Botto-Sullivan 120
2. Nousiainen, A-Arata-Nugent-Ozimek 122
 3. Jones-Reynolds-Siles-Havis  123                 
 4. Sargent-Carmichael,B-Gilchrist-Nousiainen, R 124
 5. Moore-McGregor-Gemma-Ludwig131

2013 Club Championship

2013 Match Play Championship
This years Champion is Mr. Lance Van Lydegraf, Lance defeated Mike Sargent in 19 holes.

As of July 30th

2013 NCGA Net Amateur Qualifier

Congrats to the qualifiers

1st Flight - Dr. Richard Tomlinson 68 (via playoff)

2nd Flight - Lance Van Lydegraf 67

3rd Flight - Jim Ozimek 75

2013 NCGA 4-Ball Qualifier
Qualifier 1. Aaron Jensen/Allan Nousiainen 63
Qualifier 2. Tom Lovely/Dick Tomlinson 63
 T3. Murphy/Wiegandt  65                 
 T3. Marnitz/Kushner 65
 5. Shindler/Andrs 67

2013 NCGA Senior 4 Ball Qualifier
Qualifier 1. Jim Pyle/Bob Moore 61
Qualifier 2. Ralph Shindler/Rick Andrs 61
 T3. Blasquez/Sullivan 67
 T3. Close/Kushner 67                   
 T5. Arata/McGoldrick 68
 T5. Ravey/Botto 68
 T5. McGregor/McLaughlin 68

2013 Icebreaker Results:

1- Ravey- Kushner- King- Bellotti (119)

T2- Rhodes-Watkins-Schuster-Tompkins (120)

T2- C Schindler-Stang-McGoldrick-Rojas (120)

4- Lyon-Goldfarb-Gemma-Botto (121)

T5- Colombo-R Schindler- Lovely-Deutsch (122)

T5- Tomlinson-Pyle-Heffernon-Sullivan (122)

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