Hole In One's

Here's a list of hole-in-one's made by our members over the last several years starting with the most recent.  If you have information to add to or correct this list please contact Keith Williams at (krwilliams@ucdavis.edu).

Bob Moore

Dave Westfall

Wow what a skins game we had on Wednesday, June 18. There were a total of 16 skins awarded but none greater than the closest to the pin on #17 by Bob Tolliver as he aced it !!!! Bob was still excited even though it was his 5th hole-in-one !!!

Congratulations to John Dundas, who aced hole #7, 143 yards, using an #8 iron.  John's Hole-in-One was witnessed by TD members,   Derek Gilchrist, Trip Baldwin and Dieter Krewedl during the NCGA Four Ball Net tournament on June 22

Michael Sullivan aced hole #12 on Friday, September 27.  Michael used a 6-iron on the 143 yard hole, and his ace was witnessed by Jason Renner, Craig Walker, Wayne Guptil

Former Tahoe Donner Head Golf Professional, Bruce Towle, made his 1st career ace on Sunday, August 24, when he aced hole #7, 143 yards.  Way to go Bruce!

Congratulations to Trip Baldwin for recording the first official hole in one for the 2012 golf season when he aced hole #7 on August 21. Way to go Trip
Congratulations to Russ Lai, who recorded the 2nd ace of the year when he made a hole in one on hole #7 using a pitching wedge. The ace was witnessed by the "usual suspects" (Jim, Herm and Virgil)

TDMGC aces this season at Tahoe Donner:

Congratulations to Brett Brodovy, who aced hole #17 on Sunday, August 14, during the 2nd round of the Men's Club Championship.

Bruce Watkins, July 10, #12

TDMGC aces this season at Tahoe Donner:
Frank Kelly, May 30, #4
Chris Schindler, June 14, #7
Lex Winans, August 15 during the Club Championship, #4
John Pratt (JP the starter), Sep 11, #12

The following Tahoe Donner Golfers have recorded an Ace this season at Tahoe Donner:

Diane Musick, June 8, 2008, Hole #4
Connie Kobayashi, June 11, 2008, Hole #7
Peter Gerdin, September 18, 2008, Hole #7
Lisa Foster, October 4, 2008, Hole #7
Sally Brannen, October 5, 2008, Hole #7 #

The following Men's Golf Club Members made Aces:
Richard Bransma, Hole 7, July 7, 2007
Bruce Cunningham, Hole 7, July 8, 2007

Congratulations to the following Mens Club Aces:
Bill Johnston, Hole 7
Bob Heath, Hole 4
Don Hamilton, Hole 12
Ralph Shindler, Hole 7
Frank Kelly, Hole 4
George Hicks, Hole
Johnny Ashcraft, Hole 7