Domain Name Renewal

This information is for our current webmaster as it applies to administering our domain name for the website.  Please disregard if you are not the webmaster.

Domain Name expiration date should now be: 8/3/2019. The process for renewal is outlined in the word document below.

Every few years, we need to renew our website domain name (  In order to do this we must login to our renewal account that is managed by  By clicking on this link, it should take us directly into the login page for our account management pages.  Another alternative is to access it by clicking on and then clicking on the Register Domains link at the top of the page.  Either way we get to the main login page where we must enter our customer number and password in order to manage our domain name. Once that is entered, it is very simple to renew our domain name by following the instructions.

Below there is an  encrypted password protected file (attached) which contains information needed to login and access our account for domain renewal.  Because it is password protected clicking on the document to view will result in an error.  You must download the document and then open it when prompted for the correct password. The password is the same one that is used for other men's club online access.

FYI, Wild West Domains, LLC is listed as our domain registrar.  Although they perform a service to connect our domain to the internet, they do not need to be contacted for domain renewal.  Once domain renewal is completed as described above, everything else is automatic.

If there are any questions, please contact Mark Tompkins ( or Keith Williams (  Mark is/was the current webmaster who set this up and administered the 2nd renewal of our domain name for this website, and Keith renewed it in 2016.
Mark Tompkins,
Jun 20, 2014, 9:31 PM