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Automatic to 5 speed swap

Still under construction

Please read the home page first for important information.

Brian Hague a.k.a alphaseinor (the principal of TDI Innovations, LLC) developed the first A4 5 speed swap
GDB developed the final version of the wiring used in this procedure.
The original forum topic is here

This is a document showing how to swap an 01M to a 02J transmission in a 1999.5-2003 Volkswagen Jetta or Golf.
This document does not detail the coolant flange change at this time.

TDI Innovations, LLC is no longer performing these swaps, however Brian Hague, the creator of the original swap has his own shop in Frisco Texas, http://www.dspauto.com that can do the swap for you with the same level of service that we did. These pages will be up for a while longer until he completes the digital book on his webpage, then it will be taken down and will just have a forwarding page.

Expect 3 days for a complete swap if he does it for you. call Brian Hague at 214-257-8221 if you would like to schedule a swap.

Supplies Needed (under construction):
Bentley manual
VAG-COM cable + software (to change the coding on the ECU)
Flywheel, Clutch, Pressure Plate, Throwout bearing (counterhold tool, alignment tool)
5 speed tins for the engine
5 speed transmission (EBJ, EGR codes)
New axle nuts, seals, and bolts
Clutch pedal, plus both brackets, both switches (one for the cruise, and one for the clutch interlock)
Dieselgeek Short Shifter
Coolant bottle hose and 5 speed power steering line and fluid (optional)
Stick shift box and cables
Coolant Hose Coupler (size needed)
"53" relay
Electrical Butt Connectors/heat shrink (number needed)
Gaffers tape
G12 Coolant

Tools Needed (under construction):
Hose clamp pliars
Electrical crimp tool
Heat gun
Engine support beam
Transmission Jack
T20 Torx driver/bit
T25 Torx driver/bit
T30 Torx driver/bit
M10 Triplesquare bit
M8 Triplesquare bit
Misc 1/4" and 3/8" extensions
10mm 1/4", 3/8" Deep Socket
13mm 3/8" Deep Socket
15mm 3/8" Socket
16mm 3/8", 1/2" Deep Socket
18mm 3/8", 1/2" Deep Socket
(I'm sure more... still listing them...)

Disassembly (under construction, Abstract only):
Jack car (see bentley manual for appropriate jacking points)
Car will have to be jacked with clearance for the transmission to clear the bumper.
Remove Belly Pan
Remove Engine Cover
Remove Air Box
Remove Battery
Remove Battery Tray
Remove Starter
Remove Axles
Remove Transmission
Loosen all three bolts on the torque converter (rotate engine for access)

Remove Flexplate and Tins
Remove Downpipe
Remove Heatsheild
Remove Transmission Shift lever
Remove Ashtray
Remove Knee plate
Remove 175 relay
Loosen Relay panel
Remove Console
Remove Shifter
Remove wipers
Remove Rain Tray cover
Remove TCU

Reassembly (under construction, abstract only):
Install Shifter
Install Clutch pedal
Modify Console
remove the four screws from the bottom of the console where the automatic shifter went
remove the plastic, and the rubber pieces from the console
Install Console
Install Ashtray
Do all wiring (see below)
Install Heatshield
Install Tins
Install Flywheel
Install Clutch/Pressure Plate
Install Transmission
Install Downpipe
Install Axles
Install Slave cylinder
Install Cross brace
Install Shift cable assembly
Modify wiring to transmission area
Modify Automatic bracket for power steering line
Install raintray components
Install wipers
Check Transmission fluid level
Install Battery Tray
Install airbox
Install Battery

Adjusting Linkage (under construction):
In neutral the shifter linkage will move up and down, there is a black plastic L on the transmission, this can be moved "in" near the first/second gear gate. This should be pushed in and holding the linkage in this position.
You will now use the 16d nail that came with the dieselgeek.com linkage. Place this into the two holes inside the shifter boot.
Tighten the 7/16" nuts and use the supplied allen wrench as a counterhold.
release the L
remove the 16d nail
test 1-5 and push down, left, and up for reverse.

Wiring (under construction, abstract only):
Please reference your Bentley manual for actual pinouts, and wire colors as these vary by year/model
Connect Reverse lights
Cut the transmission range connector off of the wiring harness.
Use the Black/Green wire to one side of the reverse switch
Continuity check the Yellow/Blue or Grey/Red wire to the matching color on the Transmission range switch wiring.
Cut this wire at the 175 socket
Cut the Black/Blue wire with enough wire to spare a butt connection later for the clutch cancel switch and connect this wire to the yellow/blue or the grey/red wire in the previous steps
Connect the transmission range side of the Yellow/Blue or Grey/Red to the other side of the reverse switch.
Connect Clutch Cancel Switch
Cut the brown wire at the 175 relay and connect it to the Grey or White clutch pedal switch (on the top bracket)
Connect the other wire from the switch to the Black/Blue wire you cut for the reverse lights.
Connect Cruise
Cut the Green/Black wire from the backside of the 175 socket (should be pin 5, or the one directly in the middle of the socket) and connect it to the blue or black clutch pedal switch (the bottom one)
Cut the Grey/Red (yellow/green on 2000+ vehicles, Pin 9)
Check for continuity on the Grey/Red or Yellow/Green wires in the TCU connector to the grey/red or yellow/green on the 175 socket
Connect the Grey/Red or Yellow/Green wire on the 175 socket to the other side of the blue or black clutch pedal switch
Remove the TCU from the car
Pull apart the TCU connector
Disconnect the ECU harness and pull apart the large connector
There will be a yellow/red wire that has continuity with pin 19 in the ECU large connector. Cut this wire at the TCU
Connect the Yellow/Red wire in the TCU to the Grey/Red or Yellow/Green wire in the TCU.
Move the wire from ECU pin 19 to pin 66  (98 and 99 beetles are pin 44 so verify the connector pin in your bentley before doing this).
Heat shrink the Butt connectors.
Wrap the unused connectors in Gaffers tape or other harness tape. (You may also cut the unused harness out of the loom).
Reassemble the relay panel
Place a 53 relay into the modified socket.

Programming the ECU:
Connect the VAG-COM cable
Key On
Go to Engine
Go to Coding
Change the coding from 1 to 2
Key Off
Key On
Go to Engine
Go to Fault Codes
Clear Codes

You're done... almost

Testing Reverse Lights:
Key on (don't start the car)
Place car into reverse
look at lights

Testing Starter:
Place the car in neutral
Try to start the car (it shouldn't start)
Key off
Push clutch pedal
Try to start the car

Testing Cruise:
Drive the car
Set cruise
Press brake (cruise should cancel)
Resume Cruise
Press clutch (cruise should cancel)

Other anomalies:
Slowdown shutter:
Check your IQ at idle, loads off, A/C off
VCDS-->select-->engine-->Measuring blocks-->001-->field 2 should be at 4.0
Adjust if necessary