TDI 7.1, an awesome product!

what do you mean, you don't know what TDI can do..?

  • Integration made easy! The first two videos are suitable for any audience interested in integration and anyone new to TDI.

  • TDI 7.1 added "EasyETL" for those that merely want to read data somewhere and put it somewhere else. But.. don't stop there. That's just the teaser :)

  • IBM Education developed an excellent 30 minute educational video on TDI7, as well as shorter segments that digs into the TDI debugger and how to use the LDAP connectors.

  • The videos further down are mostly intended for existing users.

  • ..then it's time to read the Getting Started tutorial.

  • Download the fully featured TDI7.1.1 90-day trial. The installer file is a bit large, but it installs in 5 minutes!

  • There's no support for the time trial, but the community support forum is very active.

You'll find a resource treasure trove on the TDI user group site as well as a great Domino integration resources page.

When you've gotten this far you'll be interested in watching this 2 hour session (password=tiv0li 0 is a zero), that takes you through all of TDI7, from development to deployment. (the accompanying slides)

Additional resources:

TDI 7.1 with "EasyETL"

TDI 101-a, integration made easy

TDI 101-b, more fun, but still easy
(Better quality)

Making your first AssemblyLine in TDI
(Better quality)

Migrate your TDI6 solution to TDI7
(Better quality)

Creating custom components in TDI7
(Better quality)
The advanced users will enjoy
this video that shows how you
create custom connectors in Javascript
and provide it with a tailored configuration
form (about 10 minutes into it).