Mobile Street Map

UPDATE (1/1/2011): Timo Engel has kindly posted the source code and a .mapth file for Berlin on Github.

This is an application (a midlet) for viewing street maps on your phone. It is completely free - all data is stored offline on your phone so you don't have to pay data charges like you would for Google Maps. This also makes it much faster than the online alternatives.

It looks a little something like this:

Map files have the extensions .mapth. At the moment there are maps for London, Cambridge and Birmingham. I'll can make more if you like. This is area the london one covers:


  • Smooth scrolling street map of lots of London. This uses images from
  • Zoom in and out.
  • You can search for streets. This sometimes doesn't work, but usually it does. Uses data from


It probably works with any Sony Ericsson or Nokia S40 device, but not with any LG or Nokia S60 phone. These phones have been tested so far:

Works with:               Nokia 6300; Sony Ericsson K610i, K800i, K850i and C902.
Dubious:                   Nokia E71 (apparently it is very slow)
Doesn't work with:    Nokia N95, N73ME and E51; LG Viewty; LG Cookie KP501; Blackberry Tour 9630

Note that the search function won't work with qwerty keyboards. This is yet another limitation of mobile java.


  1. Download the .jar file that is attached to this page.
  2. Download a .mapth file (listed below).
  3. Transfer both files to your phone via Bluetooth, USB or memory card.
  4. Run the .jar file and select the .mapth file when asked. Say yes to any security prompts.


Use the direction keys and number keys to scroll around. 5 zooms in or out. To search for a street press the 'Search' menu item and type in the street name using predictive-text (e.g. to search for 'Foley Street' type 365390787338 (0 for space)). To get back to the map from the street index, clear all the characters and then press clear once more.


  • London
  • Birmingham (without search I think)
  • I was going to make some more, but I recently bought an Android phone so I doubt I'll ever get around to it. I have half-written a Qt application to make making the maps easy. If anyone wants the source code for this and for the midlet in order to continue development, let me know!
Email me if you have any praise. I can't fix any problems since I no longer have a dumbphone or do midlet development.
Tim Hutt,
6 Jun 2009, 05:35