This site is home to the following things I've made, or almost made:


London Tube and Bus Maps

Map of the London underground and various bus maps for mobile phones. Runs on any recent Java enabled phone. London underground also has an official map midlet but it is less good than an empty freight train.


Mobile Street Maps

This is a mobile application that lets you view offline (i.e. no data charges!) maps of the UK. The most useful currently available one is of most of London. Runs on many Java enabled phones, but some are buggy and don't support it. Advantages compared to other solutions:

  • Runs on cheap 'feature phones'
  • Map data stored offline so it is both fast and free.
  • Searching uses a predictive-text style input and is instant.
  • It uses's maps which fit more on a single screen than other maps.
  • It's free!

Crossword Solver

A crossword solver midlet. 160,000 words. 'nuff said.

Wake On LAN Midlet

A mobile phone app that lets you turn on your computer. Unfortunately the whole Wake-on-LAN idea doesn't really work so well in the real world, but with some luck you may be able to set it up.


An addictive game of speed and skill. An improved copy of the flash game 'squares2'. Runs on Windows or Linux.


C++ wrapper around the MySQL and PostgreSQL C libraries.


C++ wrapper around libsmbclient. Actually some parts are still left in a C-like state but it is still kind of useful. I used this and libsqlmm to create an SMB search engine that was awesome at university. Some people rewrote it in PHP after I left because they weren't clever enough to handle it's awesomeness.


Code snippets for writing C++ web apps.


A few reports I did at university. Folding picture frames, momentum wheels.


Automatically solve the very simple Vigenere cypher. Works on English texts over about 100 characters in length.


Simple fractal generator. From the book Symmetry in Chaos.

Craft Robo Protocol

Notes about the protocol and sample code.


MasterMap viewing program. High quality PDF export. Shame OS are evil and will never release MasterMap to the masses.