2. Covenant

Green Congregations Program Covenant

We, the congregation of __________________________ by action of the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee, intend to participate in the Green Episcopal Congregations Recognition program.

We covenant with the Minnesota Episcopal Environmental Stewardship Commission to:

· Plan specific environmental action steps in some or all of the following areas:

o Education

o Activities specifically for children

o Worship / Preaching

o Programs and support

o Buildings and grounds

o Community involvement

o Commitments by members to take action in their homes. (Members commit in writing to take specific steps they select for themselves.)

· Appoint a liaison to meet with a member of MEESC.

o The liaison will communicate the plan, and negotiate point values for proposed activities if they are not specified in MEESC materials.

· Carry out and document the steps.

o The liaison will document the completion of each step. This may take the form of an article for the parish newsletter describing the activity, containing or supplemented by notes about numbers of participants and impact.

· Notify MEESC when 30, 60, or 90 points worth of activities have been completed.

o Completion of each award will be confirmed, where possible, with a visit to the congregation by a member of MEESC. The visit is intended to be supportive and encouraging. It will also help MEESC learn and improve the program.

· Contribute $35 to MEESC in each year of participation to support the Green Congregations Program.

MEESC, through a congregational contact person, covenants to:

  • Provide encouragement, support, ideas, and assistance to the extent practicable to the congregation in selecting and accomplishing its environmental action steps.
  • Review and approve the congregation plan.
  • Formally recognize the congregation upon completion of each level: spring green, bright green, and Evergreen.

___________ _________

Sr. Warden or Bishop’s Warden date

___________________________________ ___________________________

Rector or Priest-in-Charge or Priest date

___________________________________ ___________________________

MEESC contact person date

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