Tahoe Donner Womens Golf Club

The Tahoe Donner Women's Club consists primarily of Tahoe Donner property owners. Our season runs from late May to mid-October and our course is open to the public. Throughout the season we play a variety of games on Tuesdays and hold tournaments, including Match Play, Invitational or Member-Guest, and Club Championships. We have about 60 playing members.

Our annual dues for 2024 are $90 for Full (Tahoe Donner property owners) or Associate members, and $50 for Handicap-only members. Dues are to be paid *before* Jan 1, 2024, after which there is a late penalty of $10 for Full and Associate members ($100) and $5 for Handicap-only members ($55). This year you may pay either via Zelle service for inter-bank payments, or by check. The application form, is a PDF form which can be downloaded, filled in, printed and/or saved to include with mailed payment OR emailed to tdwgclub@gmail.com if paying via Zelle. (Note: increase is reflects an increase in NCGA fees per member.)

NOTE: For the 2024 season we will again allow eligible members to play from the Blue tees in any event (whenever a scorecard is entered for eclectics). Eligibility is dependent on handicap index in May (those eligible will be contacted - if no response in allotted time, players will use the Combo tees).