Choose two Spanish speaking countries and research the following information. Open a word document to type the answers.  You will find the answers by following the websites below.

1. What is the official name of this country?

2. What is the capital?

3. What is the land like? ie mountains, etc

4. What type of money do they use?

5. What kind of government do they have?

6. What languages do they speak?

7. What is the weather like?

8. What is the major religion?

9. What is the main mode of transportation?

10.  What is the make-up of the country, i.e. small cities

11. Copy & paste a picture of the country-(give the url of where you got the picture)

 12. Is it safe to travel there?

13. Are there any warnings? Or information you should know? 

14. What is needed to enter the country? ie visa, etc.

 15. Give 3 tips to students traveling internationally.

16.  What immunizations are needed?

17.  Are there any Travel Notices?


Choose Programs. 

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