Thanks for stopping by.  This website was built with you in mind if... 

1. You are a training specialist, instructional designer or organizational knowledge development manager.  You may find this a productive resource if you train on any of nearly one thousand occupations.  We can conveniently help you craft instruction on work; places / processes / performance tasks / roles and people.  A result can contain clear learning objectives, Q&As, exercises and assessments, case studies, instructional text, voice narrative, images, video, animations, etc.  It can be all be "data mapped" in one document to identify what appears where and when.

2. If you seek a creative jolt or solution to an artistic endeavor or practical situation a contact by phone or email may quickly lead to relevant, usable idea(s) to advance your initiative. 

3. If you are writing stories, scripts, storyboards for video, film, print or mixed media and need a bit of creative input, fresh perspective, inspirational moment, concept-craft or experienced hand - you may find helpful input here.  

A "first contact" or "Hello" and sharing a bit of personal and/or professional interests has led to this site's creative applications history and project gallery.  In brief communication with a client / employer / associate or partner - a conversation is as an artist's canvas where we imaginatively define and craft a potential creative solution to advance a situation or concern.

In examples shown often we previously had not met and our communications occurred as:
  1. An Initial introductory contact as meet and greet by person, phone, email or messaging. 
  2. Thoughts conveyed about an interest or concern as to current state and desired future state. 
  3. My responses most often demonstrated sufficient understanding and initially suggested action.
  4. Actions initiated clarified concerns, vision, and presented realistic course-of-action to desired outcome. 
  5. Actions of research, design & development returned rapid tangible results as a solution prototype.
  6. Actions occurred solo or quiet collaborations with progress viewed conveniently at most any time.    
  7. Actions continued with additional opportunities in varied projects for production work or new solutions. 

This website's cloud-based creative workshop enables you to achieve actions one through three (1-3) by convenient use of your PC.  Extended arrangements enable actions four through six (4-6) in a personalized engagement.  

The workshop is the work of a collaborative-minded concept artist and digital craftsman.  By such means they can engage with you to create a personalized creative solution.  The process and result can be viewed an art to be shared and enjoyed.  The Application Examples and Galleries 1, 2, 3 attest to process effectiveness and suggest value of use. 

When engaged - you, your unique interests, perspective and contributions are regarded seriously by responding workshop participant.  In past practice it is understood that such care now is what makes for the future later.  

Again - Thank you for stopping by.  Review the content of this website.  You can enter the workshop through the Public Entrance - leave a bit of information about yourself and your interests.  If not but see some merit here thank you in advance for passing along a site link.