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Hello and thank you for your visit.  This website attempts to present a remote resource to help address workplace skills gap and task training needs.  We offer support to define and create site specific instructional media.  This list of projects and results provides examples.  

For professional applications a phone call or email communication may touch on
  • Show & tell work procedure from a job-aid library
  • Flexibly train others in work: places, processes, and/or products
  • Design, build and use organizational workplace intelligence and memory 
  • Interweave industry, OSHA, NFPA standards references to relevant workplace training
  • Assess ROI of converting Instructor Led Training (ILT) to Web Based Training (WBT) 
  • Acquire support for design and production of high impact relevant workplace job aids
  • Select tools and means to create structured technical writing addressing your specific interests
  • Share thoughts on variations and evolution of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) practices and tools  
  • Use of T&D / ISD databases, spreadsheet models and rich outlines for curriculum and course content: design, build, production, programming, and other benefits 
  • Creative collaboration by remote support to address situations, needs, or concerns often easier to achieve results then expected.  (Tip: Ease of tools and process = save time and limit costs) 
  • Others subjects not listed as may be of interest.
For personal or family applications a phone, workshop or email session might address:
  • Creative thinking to uniquely advance your interest or concern..
  • Assistance crafting a story, memoir, photo-documentary or presentation in print and/or digital media.
  • Discussion about an interest or concern to see what thoughts and ideas may have merit to advance it.
Fast and simple or deep and comprehensive, situation-relevant solutions occur from plain discussion and reflective thought viewed from a creative perspective. 

PCs, shared applications, broadband connections = knowledge-work as "cloud enabled".  
Anyone anywhere similarly equipped can share and benefit from assistance and support.  For more information see menu selections: Resources, ExamplesTraining... or About / Author  or download my resume at bottom of page.

T&D / ISD support is accountable, affordable, collaborative and productive.  Service applications have assisted ISD / T&D professionals in small and large organizations.  Examples of how achieved by a blend of remote and onsite service is described in-part here...

TDAssist Provides Cloud Computing Support for Corporate Training Developers (T&D)

As available I invite remote or travel opportunities to assist. 
Feel free to call, email, or leave a message in the Cloud Workshop form.

Thank you again for your website visit.
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