Summarized Abilities

Simple or comprehensive agile applications of Training Development (T&D) / Instructional Systems Design (ISD / ID - ADDIE) provide for workplace training and job performance improvement.  Workplace operations and process knowledge accessible when / where / as needed increases competencies, reduces errors, wastes and the associated costs to insure a Return on Investment (ROI).  

For example we can show how to create, enable, or assist with:
  • Point of View (POV) machine operation videos accessible by intranet / mobile search and menu selection on processes, operations, cause & affects.  Includes alerts and cautions.
  • Consolidate, design, edit, distribute, view and print online policies, procedures, and work place training complete with email alerts, viewer acknowledgements, and certifications.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) assessments and media selection for training content.
  • Assess workplace knowledge with integrated high-retention instruction based on test results.
  • Setup virtual depiction of a work site so an employee can identify, select or describe areas, objects and processes prior to actual operation and performance.  
  • and more.

Training and updating knowledge and skills are routine in military, sports, medical, and other professions. Performance support, knowledge-bases, job aids and skills assessments are tools that help preserve organizational memory and knowledge investments. 

Affordable technologies and tools as advanced Learning Management Systems (LCMSs & LMSs), mobile authoring and elearning templates and models offer attractive cost / benefit calculations.  Content development and instruction can be targeted and well-aligned with business vision, financial goals and instructional needs.