Training & Job Aids

The Training & Development (T&D) and Instructional Design (ISD) profession exists in part to transfer knowledge from those that know it to those that don't.  (Due credit to principle at Tier 1 Performance Solutions for statement clarity).  This approach derived from military use to organize training development and expanded to industry.  There are variations but a common process model is called ADDIE or P-ADDIE as:
(Planning), Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation 

Simple or comprehensive, current practice emphasizes Return on Investment (ROI) with alignment to organization needs, business realities and instructional goals. 

Planned and executed content development can depict on-site job processes with industry, regulatory (OSHA, NFPA, etc.) and company policy guidance. A presentation can include alerts, tips, cautions, auxiliary information and do / don't demonstration videos and animations.  Content interactions are programmed for online job aids, e-learning, Web Based Training (WBT), mobile learning.  Q&As presented before, during, and/or after content sections provide knowledge assessments.  Tests and exercises can be written and setup for certification, prescribed or remedial training purposes.  Solution build previews can easily be remotely accessed to monitor build progress, collaborate and provide for feedback and edit cycles.

To collect, organize, shape, and show knowledge about stories, memories, people, processes, places and their resulting product is common to the work of instructional designers, training developers, media and content crafters.  Cost-efficient lean methods can help harvest, develop and distribute knowledge and instruction.  

We help envision, articulate, piece together and present a process and product knowledge picture.

Subject areas serviced to date are: 
  • Certified Technical Education (CTE) - various trades
  • aerospace program presentations
  • corporate performance standards
  • business administration tasks
  • auto technician service tasks 
  • naval weapons maintenance 
  • carrier fight deck operations
  • millwright operations safety
  • specialty steel production
  • light manufacturing
  • electrical safety  
  • nursing training 
  • and others 
ADDIE, T&D, ISD additional information can be found at:
A website by Donald Clark & Assoc.

I have referenced this site as a valued resource over many years of T&D / ISD work.  As a resource it is representative of a depth of knowledge and passion about training by a visionary and dedicated professional.  You can email Donald for further inquiries about his service and postings at: