Stories & Legacies


Your Story
If you would like to summarize experience from pages of your life to create a story - we can show, teach, or assist you to collect, organize, develop, media enrich, and present your story.  Methods proven effective in the Training & Development (T&D) profession are adaptable to remote assistance to write an informational piece or edutainment (educating entertainment) experience.  

Lives & Legacies
A life is a story itself.  Reminiscent reflections and memories can offer content a glimpse of select bits to be acknowledged, studied and appreciated.  In condensed form as an article, presentation, or small publication w provided assistance to craft a legacy communique that can be shared. For print, web, video or multimedia one can reference examples of most any style to recreate or give form as an original.

For example, imagine considering developing a short piece in any media form.  As a visual artist one observes and notices elements of works all around in web, print, video, film, etc. as an education itself.  Offerings as commercial or open source responsive and mobile websites - well designed print product templates - visually crafted presentation guidance - diverse interactive learning models provide reference and potential launch pads that can be sourced and adapted for personal and professional use.  With easy and convenient concept / content acquisition, organization and processing support as I provide - a piece can be started and evolved align to your interest.

Considering retirement or are you retired?
Create a pictorial memoir or an impressionable presentation of select times, events and memories.  The sensation of voice, sound and images of your experience and thoughts can make for a cherished shared story.  

Looking to attend to special projects, writing a short story or a book, transitioning a hobby to a business?  If you are faced with handling and crafting information - we can conveniently show you how or assist with your special projects.  Many of the same techniques effectively used for works of creative consulting, Training Development (T&D) and Instructional Design (ISD) are easily to applications as above.  

Virtual Assistance can enable productive fun.  At no cost you can test if a Virtual Assistant may be for you by entering a few fields of information in the cloud workshop Public Entrance

This work posted by Chaîne de titiboo90 on Youtube in 2010 (currently as Maxi Giant) presents "the story of Jules Brunet, who inspired the character of Nathan Algren played by Tom Cruise in the 2003 movie "the Last Samurai".

1. Presents an approachable production conveying in limited time about a person's story and legacy. 
2. Sound and music is soothing score by Hans Zimmer for The Last Samurai.  Depending on production distribution intent, as in T&D work copyright issues would be addressed and tracks selected accordingly.

This is a model that makes use of Ken Burn style photographic filters (pan, zoom, etc.), text (descriptive titles), a sound track (music) sufficient to inform and educationally entertain. It is a well-researched mini-production. 

You can further research Chaîne de titiboo90 / Maxi Giant who has a channel on YouTube and contact link.  

Note:  I read that European Hans Zimmer has a deep grasp of an Oriental approach to music.  I enjoy cross-cultural collaboration influences and would listen to this music on repeat as background to numerous projects.