Skills Assessments

Due to increasing technological sophistication in the workplace, workforce transition concerns as new-hires, back-fills and succession planning increasingly emphasize updated job knowledge and skills.  

This website provides resources to define and prepare YOUR subjects and topics, questions and answers (Q&As) unique to company and organization department.

An example of a neuroscience-based knowledge assessment tool is:
Knowledge Factor

Other assessment tools are 

I had been introduced to and programmed assessments in both so I can attest to performance capabilities.  In Knowledge Factor a question that is setup on a topic captures not only a right or wrong response - but also a degree of confidence in the answer.  In both and others, tests can be setup to provide remedial learning and additional testing.  Return on Investment (ROI) is evident when used for:
  • Pre-hire aptitude testing 
  • Policies & procedures awareness check 
  • Job knowledge qualification and certification 
  • Pre-training and experience gap assessment 
  • Performance practices and standards orientation 
Assessments can be setup as text-based or interactive variations designed specifically for the client.