Resources & Talent

You are invited to review below and contact if having interest.  They embody the meaning of "good people" being extraordinarily competent, leading edge, and service-friendly.  Such experience and ability will add to yours.

Elaine Stone / Mitchell Schwartz - Instructional Technology / Audio/Visual (A/V) 

Smart Solution Technologies:  Consulting, rentals and sales. Installations for Government, K-12 and Higher Ed., small and large businesses and Houses of Worship.  A history of competent service and growth in A/V services.  Introduced digital Smartboard technology as an advancement over conventional whiteboards, chalkboards, and screens to schools and learning institutions.

Additional:  Conscientious community business and residential development. 

This entry a legacy of a Mac purchase - Thank you for your myriad of support in the early days.

Frank Kopriver III - ISD / T&D - International Applications & Development  

Specialized information complexity distilled for audience rapid understanding.  Science, Aerospace, Technology Research, etc.  Online and onsite instructional development and presentations.  Services used by NASA, NATO, technology research and development (R&D) firms.  Collaborate online with you and your organization to define, design and produce cost-effective domestic and international training with open-source and/or commercial tool sets.  Harness and grow your organization's knowledge initiatives.   

Karlyn Kopriver - Art Therapist

Children growing in circumstances of unusual stress may act out unknowing of complications and deep-rooted emotions, motivations and thoughts affecting them.  Karlyn patiently enables children to safely encounter, express and understand these forces.  By so doing they gain a degree of centering and self-esteem.  As a practicing art therapist, a relatively rare occupation, she has deep insight to the quiet impacts children sustain in adverse situations that can affect behavior and outlook.  The wold is a better place for children by her work. 

Additional:  Karlyn's Crusine - Nurturing body and soul with awesome home grown organic recipes.  

Contact Karlyn at 757.945.7444 for consultation or assistance.

Ted Villella - ISD / T&D / Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Consulting & Applications 

Rapid advance to an efficient implementation of online learning and performance support.  Establish or add to a corporate university with online, instructor led, and blended training integrated with work-performance support tools and job aids.  Support to align content and delivery design & development to business metrics and organizational values.  Methods to monitor and optimize Return on Investment (ROI).  e-Learning and Performance Support Research, Development (R&D) and implementations performed in various capacities used by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors (GM).  Advisories, consultation, production support.

Additional:  Online support to produce or preserve instructional and fictional stories in video and multimedia.  Pioneer of multimedia based popular story telling.  Advocate of steady-still knowledge imagery, Knowledge-Learning-Instruction (KLI) Framework, instructional ROI analysis and effectiveness monitoring.

Peter Micken - ISD / T&D Career Development

Workforce testing specialist is the current expression of a well-rounded career in instructional design and training development.  I know Pete as a master of productive fun and an advocate of visually colorful but well ordered content.  Enjoys top down motoring, fine music and rustic living.  Ex-submariner, U.S. Navy (Ret.) and expert at crafting of walking sticks.  Rest Pete.

Joris "Chip" Rapelje - ISD / T&D 

ISD T&D corporate, manufuring, industry. ROI assessment and business cases 
Work used by Raytheon, GM, Chrysler, and others / Management / MEd WSU
Business communications, worker training / Special needs parenting.  Vision with application pragmatism.  Focused, effective proposal / technical / instructional development.    

Additional:  Antique collecting, gardening and culinary expertise.  

Comment:  Chip manages a sizable dynamic instructional development department. 

Michael and Christine Sinotte - Knowledge-base Application Engineers  

NotoWare provides companies with a user-friendly system for managing and communicating job knowledge to their employees.  NotoWare is a web-based application that simplifies the process of managing policies, procedures and company information.  The application organizes information so that it’s easy to access and maintain by all business areas.


Reference: see our website for more information or visit our blog about procedure management

Dan Raymond - Job Aids / Job Aids Workshops

Dan is a long time leading proponent of job aids.  He has extensive experience and a distinct quality working with companies to create and implement job aids meriting a place at the forefront of a specialized subset of Instructional Design (ISD).  

Stephen and Maria Thorpe - eLearning Architects & Infrastructure Engineers

An originator of cost-saving single-source development and maintenance of multiple formats.  Steve and Marie are at the forefront of working with training and instruction information as data.  Having observed the cost of conventional production practices they created methods and technology applications to single-source consolidate T&D information for design, development, and delivery converted to a variety of media.

In my research and application of data-driven Training Development (T&D) their work came the closest to identifying and addressing key work flow factors affecting costs of eLearning production and media output.  To achieve significant cost savings, identifying and removing redundancies of "data" handling while preserving ease of output to multiple formats and media was the answer.  There appears to be few solutions as thought out as found here.  

Reference:  The Source Training  - Tools, Services, Products

Terry Callaghan - Web Conferencing Advocate and Usage Innovator

Techcom X-Change

B2B, B2C, wholesale/retail Internet communication consulting service provider.

Establishing Online Communities of Practice for profit and nonprofit organizations, groups and individuals using the Internet and World Wide Web.

Comment:  Terry advocated business development by affordable mobile office and conferencing solutions before it became commonplace.  He is a pioneer of "NetMeeting / GoToMeeing" style business conferencing and cloud-base applications with Office Xchange well before current level of adoption.  

Thank you for sharing a ready smile and deep understanding of tech-psychology and a bleeding-edge.  A cloud-tech pioneer!

Ernest Holmes - Certified Networking / Tech Security
Navy honed discipline and home-grown grounded sense are missed.  Memory not a distant one.  Particularly as recalled working to reach a next level tech competency with warm humor from a computer cold room.